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Smoker Covers

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I have the Smoky Mountain Series by Great Outdoors 3405GW. More importantly the box measures: 14x16x34. Looking for a cover so I can keep er looking good cause I have to start storing it outside. Let me know where is a good source to look? (walmart where I bought it a couple years ago has hardly any smoking stuff anymore)

Thanks, TJ
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You should be able to find a cover at a Lowe's store if you have one around. I have also seen them at KMart priced reasonably.
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Here's where I bought mine. . They were in stock and a fast ship. I certainly haven't been disappointed.
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Lowes had nothing for smokers in my area. No Kmarts around.... I checked out epod2000, they want like $27.00 for the cover. I am gonna keep searching, a bud of mine said he found one for like $15.00
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Wen it comes to covers you get what you pay for. Get a nice canvas one that got a plastic liner. Lowes had some nice ones but they weren't cheap.

Camp Chef has about the best I've seen and should fit your GOSM. If your going to keep it ourside it's a good cover!
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I swear I already posted this but I didn't see itPDT_Armataz_01_02.gif
Amazon turned up 2 covers for the GOSM
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Right on Big-Fokker!! The one on there is designed for my unit. Thanks for the help....
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Am I on your ignore list? The one from home depot (previous post) is designed for and sold by GOSM.
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Didn't even see urs, must have had to much jerky and beer yesterday.. LOL Thanks, I'll head out there tomorrow and check it out.
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No problem, just jerking your chain a little. I hate that my witty sarcasm doesn't translate very well over text forums. Sure takes a out of it :)
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Yep, I grabbed the one from Amazon and she works like a champ! Gotta love Amazon. Maybe we need to have Jeff add those to the SMF store as to help the coverless out there? Will help to bring in the dough to further the cause...
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i go the cheep way and get a heany duty 40 gal bag for $3, tie off one end and put it over the smoker (and half the deck)

you guys you can get heavy duty plastic for ground cover, just a few bucks to cover a GOSM smoker at any home depot or anywere else.
unless your rich and won the lotto buy the custem made leather fur cover for your GOSM, icon_eek.gif
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Got one from amazon for $15, GOSM, fits perfect, looks good, keep my unit clean. Thanks for the help!!
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