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who likes BEETS

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I love them, butter and alittle salt,.
got some from a amish vender, 7 beets for a $1, got 14 beets nice sized ones too.
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Sounds good, I like them
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Pickle 'em, bud! toss in some garlic cloves and a hot pepper...or as a sweet- ...cinnimon stick
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I agree, pickle'em. we used the same juice that we used on regular sweet pickles,LOVE'EM
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I'm with chrish on this one, however, I do like the pickled as well!
Sizewise, about the size of a small plum is best!!! icon_confused.gif
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I love beets, with butter salt and pepper! Here's a great side dish... clean the leaves then steam them like fresh spinach... a little butter, salt and pepper and you'll have the best tasting greens on the planet!
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Ever "wilted" them, like spinach?
Remove stem to bottom of leaf, wash, shake and pat dry. Brown some diced onion in bacon drippings, pour hot over beet tops, salt and pepper. There's a warm spinach dressing made similarly,but I don't know the recipe.
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I've sauteed them in bacon grease, onion, garlic, salt and pepper. They are good that way too.
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several people have reponded-
and nobody's smoking themicon_eek.gif
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I find they take too long to dry out, Larry PDT_Armataz_01_14.gif
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STOP IT!!!!!!! I haven't had anything to eat yet. Yummy
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Maybe you could wrap them in a damp towel and pre steam them in the nukulator then smoke them? I do that with taters alot.
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I've smoked them and they are amazing. I wrap them loosely in foil, peeled but whole, for about 2 hours depending on the size. As dense as beets are, they absorb the flavor really well. The fork is the best way to see if they are done.
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Now have to go find raw beets somewhere ... thanks alot! icon_cry.gif
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Nukulator ... I like the way you think mom! icon_arrow.gificon_mrgreen.gif
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Yanno, one of the nation's largest sugar beet producer is kinda sorta just up the roadhere...Saginaw Hmmm ...thinkin' sauce beginning...smoke 'em first?!?

Then again, I'm enjoying my third FRESH mint julip here, Me an' my ole Grandad
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I love beets.......never had them smoked. Sounds good!
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I grow beets every year, one year they were bitter. I found out that You need to add a fertilizer with trace elements to the soil. Lack of boron causes them to be bitter it seems. I love the greens but you need to get the smaller fresh ones in spring.

If I had to guess I would bet that parboiling them first to about 1/2 done before smoking them might be a good idea. Unfortunately there are none around here this time of year except those big ones with almost no flavour.

I loves pickled beets.
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wash them, oil them, add some kosher and toss on a hot grill skin and all till fork tender yumm..........
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