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Pork Loin

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My folks are in town and love smoked food, so I figured I would end there trip up North with a smoked Pork loin. Figured it would be a good time to smoke my first one. Went to Wally World and they did not have much to choose from :( , shelves were almost empty in the meat sections.. I picked I think it was a Hormel 2-3lb? loin, also got some thick sliced bacon and headed home..
(after a stop at Koles for the wife) PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif $$

Tossed on some Taters to try some doubled smoked taters, rubbed the loin down with new a garlic/butter dry rub that we picked up. I also wrapped the loin in the thick bacon. I figured that I would toss on a few other items as long as the smoker was fired up. Tossed on some turkey dogs, cheddar dogs, chicken thighs and some venison brats.



Full smoker

Taters finished.. rubbed with OO and kosher salt and pepper

I topped some finished taters with cheddar cheese

Chicken thighs and venison brats

Pork loin

Cut up loin
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Looks like some GREAT eats,parents should be proud,
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