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Rub to Grub

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Here today's smoke. We had 3 slabs of spare ribs along with some baked rice, skillet corn & pole beans with taters.

Rubbed & ready to go...

Time for foil...

Ready to eat...
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NICE, very NICE, i already ate some of my cooen for the day, ready for some of them ribs!!
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I want some ribs NOW!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Those ribs look awesome!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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What is your rub recipe for ribs?

I have to smoke some more ribs next weekend. The wife has about finished the ones I smoked yesterday. I think she likes ribs over everything else. Heck, what am I saying? She likes all BBQ period.
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'Bout picture perfect...
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Try Jeff's Naked Rib Rub Recipe and BBQ Sauce it's fantastic you won't need another one!The rub it so good it makes it's own sauce and the sauce it so good you can add it to salad dressing and make a great SouthWestern dressing!
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How much for the Q Views? They'll last longer than the ribs...
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the rub I use is one from Disney's Animal Kingdom. They use it at the Flame Tree BBQ restaurant. It goes great on pork and briskets. I like Jeff's rub on pork loins. It makes a lot and you pretty much need a digital scale to make it but it's worth it. I go through lots of this stuff.

2 LBS Sugar
8 ozs Season Salt
2 ozs Paprika
2 ozs Chili Powder
2 ozs Ground Black Pepper
1/2 ozs Garlic Salt
1/2 ozs Onion Powder
1 oz Cumin
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nice looking Ribs!
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Thouse have to br tasty

looks real good I like the way the bones stick out you can tell they are perfect
Good luck and Good smoking
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They spit a few bones right out by themselves. That's how the family likes them. I like a little more pull to them, instead of just falling off the bone, but I am out numbered.
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