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Beef Brats

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Got some Beef Brats flown in from Wisconsin ( I'm in San Diego), perfect timing for the Labor Day weekend!

Gonna throw on some Baby backs, and the brats. Doing BB's via 2x2x1 method, and wondering at what time I should throw the Brats in there, so all food is ready at the same time?

The Brats are already Beer Brats, so I won't be doing any pre-boiling in Beer and butter, or anything, just straight to the smoker.

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Brat only take about a hour at 225*. i have been known to slice them open about halfway done, put in a pan with butter,beer,and onions and put back on the smoker, dont baptize them in it just enuff to come up on the sides of the bratts.
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Sounds good Regor! Nothing like Wisconsin Brats!
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