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Brisket Wars

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I named the post that because I didn't know who one until a little while ago and this was my first brisket. This post should be the poster child for everybody that asks how long will it take. I smoked a 3lb flat and two fatty today, Everybody says that a brisket takes roughly 1:15 to 1:30 a lb, by that I'm looking at 41/2hrs, Wrong and this is why you have to go by temps.
Ready to go

Smoker was at 225° to 250° for the whole smoke
Time Meat Temp
10:45 65
11:45 120
12:45 143
2hrs into smoke

1:45 151
2:45 153
3:45 169 leaving plateau
4:45 183
5:45 184 at this time I put another probe in to make sure it was right, it was because it was like it was in a second plateau
6:15 195 I removed it

This 3lb brisket took 7hrs and 30min, this is an example of the fact that every piece of meat acts different
I wrapped it and let it rest a sliced it a little while ago and found I won the war, it tasted great
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Sure looks good!!
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Thats a great looking brisket!. I agree, the meat determines how long it will take until it's done. You just never know for sure. I'm glad you won the "war".PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Fact, i have always said you cant go by time, it aint a cake.
AND that looks Awsome, hope it tastes as good as ut looks
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Sure looks good!

I WANT A BRISKET! icon_neutral.gif
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great lookin' "skit" bh19- now if we get ya tending wood....- you will truly be my hero.....why don't ya come visit... yer on yer way braddah.
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LOOKS DRY.................................wink.gif
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even a cake you still have to feel...
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If you go by TulsaJeff's "timing" you figure at 1.5 hrs per pound plus up to 4 hrs to allow for the plateau. You got lucky and hit the long side of the formula.

But you're right.. it's done when it's done - no matter how long it's been.
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I still need to do my 1st brisket.

Also excellent point on reading the meat not the clockPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Maybe it's just me, but I found everything took longer than expected in my GOSM. Now that I have been using my CG, everything cooks in about the amount of time you would expect it to.

Example: Usually I cook 2 butts at a time. (Double pack from Sam's) On my GOSM, I would start them at 5 am and would be pulling them off at 10:00 pm. On my Char Griller, I started them at 5 am and was pulling the first one off at 4:00 pm. Both smokers averaged between 225 and 250 using my ET-73's
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Congrats on the good looking Q. Glad you won the battle against time.
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I would have the same thing with my WSM. Some stuff, like butts, would take waaay longer than expected, like 16 hours. Now that I'm using my BarBChef, that's cut down to 10–12 hours.
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