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I don't like pictures of myself so I don't have many onhand. However, this is one of my cats, Odin... ON MY HEAD!!! He just loves to lick my hair after I come in from smoking... Any other cat owners have this experience or is Odin just insane??? I'm going with insane.
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My cats don't do that, but they show up at the table promptly when they smell smoked meat! LOL

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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My cat insists on eating fabric from blankets or Barbie toys or anything like that. Then she barfs it up on my pillow.

For the past two nights she has attacked my feet while I sleep. I have 8 puncture wounds on my right foot.

Why do I own a cat anyway?
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I'm feelin' for the kitty ... having to sit on light beer... ewww!icon_cry.gif
I guess it's better than drinking it!
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I know how you feel Meowey - I was a photgrapher myself for a few years. Always behind never in front of ...
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Ok ... I'm agreeing with you here ... sorry .... icon_mrgreen.gif
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here is another pic of me and ten pounds of snack stix that i did today

dont i look mean

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Naw, you don't look mean, you do look like you got some tribal blood in you though. Which tribe? By the way, great lookin snax sticks. icon_smile.gif Can we have the reciepe and method? Terry
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Naw! .... serious .... but not mean!
I'd like to see you smiling next time ... PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Yeah.....Big smile...
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Great looking snack stick SC! What'd you use? Recipe or kit?
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hey guys i used ps seasoning's willies snack stix season it is pre mixed i like to add a little cayane to it i like the extra kick it is real good i use mostly premixed seasonings in my sausage its just easier for me

terry i am a member of the quinault tribe here on the washington coast

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terry i am a member of the quinault tribe here on the washington coast

Hey Huey, I am right in the middle of the Flathead Indian Reservation. Born and raised here. What a gift from God, it is to live here! Anyway, you gonna share the process for those snax sticks? Or are we gonna gonna have to dump a big ole green bucket of ass whup all over ya??? icon_eek.gif (dang, your a LOT bigger than me), thats ok, cause I can send Gypsy, (he is young and quick), and Mossy, (lots of firearms) and, if all else fails, MOM!! Don't mess with our momma Huey. tongue.gif all meant in fun, my friend. God bless. Terry , dang Huey, I missed the first part of your post?? Sorry, blind in one eye, can't see outta the other???
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Hey Terry
Lock n' load !!!
I am told I have a little bit of Chippewa in me !!!
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I am 1/16th Mohegan or so my Greatgransmother used to say. Not enough to get anything from the Casino though! I just get the extra taxes! icon_cry.gif
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I'm glad you guys are taking to this post, although I got to admit, I don't think I saw one cat photo on my Florida Sportsman forum. Must be the cat/fish thing. PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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Yes Debi, TAXES! darn darn darn! But you know what honey? The GREAT thing about you is, you give, and give, and give! When you go home, Mother Teresa herself will greet you, icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif God bless you Debi, I don't care if someone doesn't like this response, God bless you!! Terry
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This is a great post. I was wondering what people looked like. Tryin to figure it out with just posts makes some crazy imiges in my head (great imagination)

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Hey catfish, you can't BBQ, you ain't got no belly? wink.gif
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life is good !
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