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I am under pressure.

I am under pressure. Can't keep up at a county fair. Overloaded bbq. Smoke is killing me.



So now I take two or three pits or smokers. Here I am with my cousin Dale.  We learned that lesson .






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Not a very good picture but here I am...




Right before taking off on a recent blast   super.gif

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Don't have very many pictures of myself.  I'm usually taking them.


Building our garage 2010



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I can't believe I have never seen this thread.
Me and the family.
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Me and Dad doing what we do best when we are not eating.
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Glad to see this is still alive.

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I ran across it today.  Went all the way through it.  Its nice to put a  face to names.   I didn't see Dave's though.

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It's really neat to see what y'all look like, as others have said, it's nice to put a face with a name.

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Here you go. My grandson Tanner and myself went for an Easter afternoon ride on Oliver last spring.



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Thats me in the pic with my buddy Elvis ...Drove 6 hours one way to rescue him ...

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Here I am bass fishing. 


And here w/ my mom and my first place trophy for the smoked whitefish cakes w/ cherry chipotle sauce I created.

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My love and me at a toy run for kids
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Me and my daughter in this pic while visiting Williamsburg, VA last May. My lovely wife is behind the camera and that's my Bulldog "Molson" posing stoically.



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Here's a photo of my wife and myself at the U.S. Open last summer where we were marshals on hole #4 at The Olympic Club.





Opening day last spring at the Oakland A's.





Standing in front of my office. 

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Me and the wife last week, I will be smoking this thing too!



60lb Bull Mahi-Mahi

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Me and all my girls about 6 months ago. Finally have a boy on the way
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Originally Posted by nepas View Post



The mountain man look!!!

Cool! LOL

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I am always the one behind the camera

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As a rule, I take terrible pictures when I'm in front of the lens. But this is me in my favorite place in the world, Puerto Vallarta, MX.



My dad and I, same trip. He was 73, and this was the first time I ever got him to leave the country.

Now he and my mom hit Mexico often for cheap meds and dental work.

This same day, my son talked him into parasailing. Sometimes the old man can really surprise you.


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