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This is one of my ways of relaxing. If I am not try to cook something I am trying to find something to cook. Nothing better than getting out in the BIG SKY COUNTRY, with my kids. Unfortunately the kids were not able to make this trip, but it was definately a success
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This was 6 weeks ago when my son was born!

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Congrats on the new arrival!
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Just another old man that likes to fishicon_exclaim.gif

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me and my queen...

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Congrats. We had our new litle girl 8 weeks agoicon_smile.gif
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Rich, somehow I just knew you'd give me h*ll about thatbiggrin.gif . At least the main parts are coveredPDT_Armataz_01_26.gif

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OK, we got a lot of newbies out there. Give it up, post a photo of yourself. Preferably with grub. biggrin.gif
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well thats old bgc holding that catfish on 8-9-08. i like to see who im talking to so i always use me in avatars. its also a rule on another fishing fourem im on. must be you in avatar or its pulled.

but any how. heres a few. hey motley crue tattoo. heres me at 14 that'd be19 years ago, getting ready to go to a crue concert.

2005 holding a couple catfish

few weeks ago airbrushing a deer mount i did.

me and my boys fishing in june.

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how do i get the pic to show up in post
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here I am

this is me hard at work smoking ribs yesterday, sorry guys no motley crue tats
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here is one of me and the family from 3 or 4 christmases ago only one i had on the com.
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Bump! Ok all ya newfolk, when I get back I expect ta see some new faces in here!biggrin.gif
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This is the most recent one I can find!wink.gif

I'm still spoiled rotten, so I must be the baby!
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eek.gif Man, I hope your smoker holds alot for those Thanksgiving Holiday get togethers. biggrin.gif
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Here's a pic of me and my GF from last year, everyone gets only one guess to where this pic was taken. smile.gif

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this is me and the family

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was it at dry tortuga national park in fort jefferson
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Here I am...

Here I am...

This was me on my oldest daughter's first day of school. The smile was due to the fact that I wasn't going to have to pay to put two into daycare anymore and would have more money for meats to smoke! PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

There were plenty of tears later...icon_sad.gif
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Close, but you don't win, It was in the Dry Tortugas at Fort Jefferson which is part of the Dry Tortugas National Park system. biggrin.gif
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