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Hey, Laurel....I thot u said no 1 shud see ur pic.....??

You are a very pretty lady....nice to be able to put a face with the name....wink.gif

oiy..speakin' of which...I haven't done that on here yet!!!....eek.gifeek.gif

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Thanks for the compliment, Eric! Now I feel comfortable with everyone, and am a contributing member, figured it was about time to get it out there.

Time for yours!! biggrin.gif
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I have one in my profile but here's a couple:

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Got back a couple of weeks ago doing my absolute favorite thing, flyfishing saltwater flats:

I'm headed out again in a couple of weeks. After that, I'm home bound and smoking for awhile which is a good thing as well.

P.S. I let him go, it's not about eating him. It's about the day. I let them all go as a matter of respect. After all, they aren't cows or pigs, LOL.
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Ableman, what an awesome looking backdrop for your pic. The fish is nice lookin' too!!
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Thanks, it's down in your neck of the woods (FL), Biscayne Bay in the upper keys.

I've had family in Ft. Lauderdale and have been coming down for 40 years now. I have some good friends and good fishing friends as well. I love spending time between that and the mountains. Although, I prefer the water biggrin.gif
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My "cue view"

Here is my "cue" view. This is a turkey I smoked last thanksgiving. You all can decide if the "cue view" looks as good as the "Q-view"!

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Is that "dinner" for you or for a bigger fish? cool.gif
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Here Y'all go!! print this out and hang in the basement for mouse control!!.....LOL

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Eric - my turn to thank YOU for putting a pic of yourself out there. It is really great to put a face to the name that's become a chat buddy of mine!
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flyin'illini clan.... + one flyin'illini in the 'smoker' due in Oct 08.

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Americas Most Wanted?!
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good lookin family there glen. I bet there is a basketball hoop just outside the door!
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This is me having a bible study with family members in the Philippines.

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Dan, Thanks. Wife gets all credit. Yes, the hoop is now up and operational in the driveway.
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This was taken Saturday after turkey hunting.

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more practice

I really need to work on my outdoorsman type skills. I wonder if they would allow me to go fishing at Cabelas or Bass Pro?
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I have seen guys do that to sheep, but never a turkey!eek.gif

Just helpin him over the bricks right?icon_smile.gif

I just couldn't resist!

I'm a bad , bad, man
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LMAO biggrin.gif
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Oh CRAP! he's a big fella and not too far away. I better be good!PDT_Armataz_01_15.gif
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