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BH, thats a pic your grand-dot will appreciate soon.
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Blackhawk19, now that's a Kodak moment to remember.
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She's 6 months old in that picture and the joy of my life
This is her now and she is quite the young lady, and yes I have cleaned
my 12 gauge and 270
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By smokinforlife, shot with QV-R40 at 2007-09-02
Ok I think I have it now. If this works I was told to tell Meowy it's time for a real pic. Bro if I have the cahoney's to do it.........come on Pal!!
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I'm not ready to show myself yet!

How about a picture of Joe and Maggie! (Joe is the little one)

Maybe later!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Me an' my dawg Mikey "the snake killer" Schnauzer

Oh and the under-construction one
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I would send a picture but it seems I am computer illiterate . I have tried everything to get my pictures out of Picasa Photo, Kodak easy share, and photo Smart programs and it just doesn't work for me. Help me please some of my Smoking family.
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If you photo is already on a photo host site, open the image to full size. Up in the Address bar is the photos URL. Highlight that, select EDIT>COPY

Go to SMF and start your post. The little Mountian sig above is the one you want. Once the box opens do a EDIT>PASTE, then save. Photo should show up.
You can also type [img] [/img] in the main body of your post and place the cursor between the center two brackets, do a EDIT>PASTE, then save.

Hope that helps.
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Maggie looks like a Wegie (Norwegian Forest Cat) or Maine Coon.

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This was taken last night when i was burning in the tank, being helped by my two... assistants
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Choice #2 is right. She's a Maine Coon Cat.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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We sure do have some fine looking folks here! A sweet little tykes as well! Been a pleasure meeting you all!

Terry -
Try this one:
put your mouse on the picture Click the right mouse button, select "save picture as" and put it in you avatar _ took some liberties - couldn't see your face there had to lighten it up some! PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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Flash, This doesn't work for me. When I double click the photo to full size it just shows the picture. There is no borders or address URL location or nothing to click on. I can only send them G-mail or E-mail (Outlook express) I tried putting the SMF webpage in and it will not work . I can't figure it out.
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If you are at the hosting site, your may be able to right click the image and select properties. But I have to believe if you have a host site, you should have a URL. In Internet Explorer, it is at the extreme top of the page, where the smokingmeatforums.com would be.
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chad, if you'd send me the photo via emial, I'd post it up for ya. kosborn at bremco dot com
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So do I....................smoked with apple or cherry! wink.gif

Click on the Dawg and you'll see the pic I have of me, Laura (the better half), and DanaDawg (had to put her down 2 summers ago...15 yr golden and my second love)
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here i am doing what i love doing and one of my fishing buddie

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You may need to use jpg or jpeg format.
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Hey Debi, thanks again. smile.gif I agree with you, this is a truely fine group of people. Terry
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Let me try this and see if it works,Flash.
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