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I finally figured this picture thing out. This is a ride around Lake Okeechobee. A frinds wife took the picture from the back of their bike.

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Me and my mule!!

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I see yer learnin 'im to sit up...
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nice pic of the...................bike...........now, what does your FACE look like?
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Belive it or not thats the only picture I have of me. Recent computer crash I lost all my albums. I do now back them up on CDs. I guess I'll have to have someone take a head shot... with a camera of course.
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Here is my wife & I on our way to Nassau.

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I'll give you a picture just as soon as I figure out how to do it! LOL
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I'm in the middle, parents at my sides.
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PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif Calling all new members....post them up!!! Don't make me come after you. PDT_Armataz_01_35.gif
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Don't have alot of pics "of" me, usually behind the camera.

A little Wellers anyone ????

Left to right, my dad, brother, me. Supposed to be duck hunt but sandhill cranes got a little to low to resist.

and this is post # 100 yahooooooooooooo
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Here I am on Thanksgiving. I am on the right. icon_eek.gif And lastly, my boat.
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Tell you WHAT!!

Campin' w/Hank Jr.

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This is me on vacation last year in front of my 65 Travco motorhome we are rebuilding.

Remember, you asked for it!

Me and momma doin the part time gig.
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This is me at a Illini game this year. One of the few games that we won. Photo was take by fellow SMF member Bryon.
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Look at me! Look at me!
Here I am!!!
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This is me, taken while fishing/catching this past summer.

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This is me sleding in Newberry, Mi. We had 7 of us and we put on about 400 miles on the trails in the U.P of Mi

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Me (on the left) and my friend Frank at the summit of Mt. Lafeyette
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Here's the wife an I at Renos best in the west rib fest last year. Were planning on going agian this year.
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Ok, you aked for it.

Opening day of deer season in Baldwin, Michigan. Tastey 4 point.

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