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hey there...

no, i was out there for a wedding... and since i am an advid sailor all my vacations must include boat time. that boat is a tartan... owned by a retired couple who bareback the boat out. not much wind that day but had a great time with the family... who got to see the house from sleepless in seattle up close...

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Very nice ... envy .... Sailing used to be on my to-do-list ... just never happened other than crewing for 2 days on the lake.
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Attachment 7403 hope this pic works.
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My girls and I here in Maine

Cruising on the party barge and getting ready to re-heat smoked meat.
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Picture from my sons wedding...
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well it aint pretty, and the roast I am holding is only half a lb, so it makes me look alot bigger. The smile is cuz I just got done rubbin my meat!

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LOL 1/2 lb you say....hmmmmmmmm
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Nice teets Tex! PDT_Armataz_01_08.gifPDT_Armataz_01_22.gif ........PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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leave it to Al.... LOL!
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This is me with my brood looking for this year's Christmas tree, and me with my 4 yr. old.
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Great looking family ... you are a lucky man!

Must have a good size smoker ... eh?
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This is me on vacation in Hilton Head, SC last summer.

In this one I am at a Cleveland Indians game this past August sitting with John Adams and the drum he beats at every single home game...

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Here are some pics at the Annual Chicken BBQ my uncle started 30 some years ago. Alot of the guys in town jump in to help BBQ, though many just end up Drinking cold ones, Im guilty more than most...
The Chick 1/2s are cooked over a coal bed of hedge post we burn the night before, rolled down the pit when they get to the end they are mopped with the sacred beer and BBQ mix then they are ready to serve to the public. Great eats!
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fireguy, that looks like fun....I'm a hedge post user too.icon_mrgreen.gif
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Here's one taken a couple of weeks ago while I was doing my favorite thing, inshore saltwater flyfishing:

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u asked for it

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love the shirt desertlites
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use the links with the [img]to get the picture in the body.
It should look like this.
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Not sure if this will get the photo loaded or not.....Don't ya just love to hunt?

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Thanks for posting the pic. That is what I hnestly live for. I love deer hunting, it brings me to sausage making !!!
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