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Is that the mother-in-law apartment that your moving with your tractor mower? PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Paul, where you insane enough to ride them ornery critters. Here I thought that I was the only one "too scared to know better or too brave to care!!" Did a couple of seasons of High School Rodeo and the local circuit. Since I didn't have a horse, I rode bulls. Little brother wouldn't let me use his horse to do steer wasslin-the little chit!
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Its sort of a family thing. All my cousins used to give me crap about not riding so I thought I'd give it a shot. Never really rode in a circuit just little events here and there. Don't have much time to spend on the road chasing rodeos.
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Paul an old man told me one time "watch them bulls they'll blow snot in your pocket
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Howdy glued2it. I'm a big drag race fun up here in the North. We're an IHRA sanctioned track. Don't get the speeds you guys get but have saw a few of the big boys, Clay Millican etc. Good friend is Mark Thomas of Ohio. Neat photo!
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Dutch...ya got me on the floor man! My wife had to come and see what I was howlin about! Too good dude LMAO X10 !
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Cool thread. Don't have a bunch of new ones, but here's one of me in the garage and a couple of Ryan and I out for our last spring ride....Cat fans for sure.... looking forward to winter! Yeehaw!
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I should be hunting!

cool.gif What a good lookin' bunch of smokers we are!
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If you click HERE, you'll see me and my brother, FrankenFeet. I'm the upside-down one.

FrankenFeet and I are both GOSM owners. His is pictured. My has yet to be assembled, but is the wide-body model.

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Well ... at least we got a good look at your bro ... icon_smile.gif
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Gun, water, and woods. Yep your my kind of people.
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I saw this thread yesterday and thought it was cool. I purposely waited until today to see if I could get a very recent pic. I was very lucky and I am able to provide you all with a pic of a future smoke! I shot this guy today, last day of bow season (for me anyway). Next Sat starts gun so I hope there will be more!

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bigfoot does exist- & he's packin' heat..... PDT_Armataz_01_28.gifPDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Fine Spike! good eatin I'll wager too!
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This is at Watoga state park on vacation this past summer. Me and my three girls....
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last pic a little fuzzy.... this is me when wife and i were in Jamaica
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Me with my Grandson
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Alot of hunters in the bunch....Here's my latest.
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Here's a recent shot of my ugly mug... taken last night after being told I hit the lottery...

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Dang Hawg ... you are much prettier than I had imagined! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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