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I've seen those ribs before, or was it a dream. Nice pic!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Hey Flash....not only were parents involved, so was the wife and child.....yes it was a hot, busy, LONG weekend but we hadn't been there since the mid '80's. It was almost 3 days more than I could stand but the pictures came out ok and should last a while I hope.........we're off to Hawaii in November so I will figure out what to smoke from there I reckon.
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thats a proud man w/ a purty cook... i'd smile too.... way to go.
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asfar as hawaii- ya gotta try the l&l lunch plate fer $5.00(the double breaded shoyu chix or pork plate) and the huli chix or kailua pig... seared ahi is good but don't do the spam musubi... raw spam wrapped in a rice cake & pickled seaweed sundried w/ rice vinegar.....really an aqquired taste....
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gypsy: thanks for the heads up....being from the south I like spam but don't think that musubi would cut it.....we will be there at least 3 years so maybe a taste will be aquired but I dont know..

flash: here is a question for ya - after seeing your picture, are you the guy on the cover of the 'Florida Fishing Regulations saltwater edition 2007 (valid from July 1, 2007 through Dec, 31, 2007'?
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Here we go, got one here of me and my youngest son after a morning duck hunt
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Meowey I can't believe you've been hiding yourself for so long and now two pictures! WooHoo looking good sweetheart! Er ... the smoke? PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

We have some impressive hunters here also and all I get to smoke cows and piggies!
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Ok..Here they are...Now this took some REALLY DEEP digging to find any photos, that wouldn't cause any severe computer crashes.. Like many of you.. I am the one on the other side of the lens...

This is me on the left...my cousin from Mass..and my brother...at the nieces wedding in Va., 3 years ago....

And here is the rest of the crew....

This is my Deb...holding Little Peanut..

Max and Mindy....Mamma and Pappa...

Linus...AKA ..Teddy Bear...

Snoopy...the neck warmer...likes to be cute and snuggle..

And Little Peanut...He is the one we lost last year...he liked to play hard with his big brothers...played a little too hard that day..

There it is...
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Great pics. Cute pooches!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Here is one of the family and I

Attachment 5103
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What cutie little puppies! Awwwwwww their sweeties!

Hey Cheech can you make that a little smaller so I can't see it? icon_wink.gif
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I guess I am about the last to post. The lighting was not good. Thats a plus for all of us.
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PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif Well, I do work for Florida Sportsman Magazine, but more the online division. I have not seen that edition yet and no one has told me. If I am holding a trout or red, possible. Any other fish, probably not me.
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I was trying to find picture to post but when you are the one behind the camera you dont seem to have many. This was taken last yr while we were processing our venison. That is me taking our venison summer sausage out of the smoker an into our "instant cold water bath".

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LOL Tanya I do that for my beer and sausage! I didn't know anybody else did it. Now I don't have to keep it a secret.
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Hey you two sweet ladys. icon_biggrin.gif I thought that Montana was the only place where we stashed grub and booze in the snow bank?? The trouble with that method is, the precious miss Reba, finds the sausage before I do. eek.gif Dang good thing that she don't like beer and rum. icon_biggrin.gif Terry
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Here's me and the wife at a party last year...
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Got this guy out of our pond.. Really takin it to our fish.
Pretty good fish
My bird last spring.
Last minute gator catching haha. notice the polo?
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That's me and my wife Bronwyn getting ready to watch the Brewers beat the Pirates at Miller Park while on a short vacation last week. The dog on the left is Pedro, and Hank is the one on the right. That's our fat cat Joey in the window looking extra salty. The last pic is of the weiner race at the Brewers game. Thought that might work for a smoking meat siteicon_mrgreen.gif

Sorry it took so long!
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Don't be offended Debbi, its a big thing in England where many old crypts have brass relief plaques. You cover the brass with a sheet of paper and rub it with a flat artist's crayon, this makes a copy of the brass you can hang on the wall. I used to do it allot when I was a kid.
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