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Dammit Frank, there it went... the laptop melted down... tongue.gif

So, I see Orvis waders and all kinds of stuff hanging of ya'... Where do you fish? I'm fly fishing the salt mostly, and venturing into FF from a kayak. Being able to get to the fish with stealth is a good thing...
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Devil - your puppers are SO DANG CUTE!!!!!!!!!
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The Grandkids

Here are the grandkids with myself
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sorry i already posted a couplepics but i did want to share Aimee's first rib @ 3 months( we only gave her a nibble but she loved it)...

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thank you, thank you ... i relayed the message to them ... they just looked back at me with a 'when is supper?' look
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LOL mine do the same thing. You can see my pups on page one or two of this thread. Mine are my taste testers too. Only it takes a biiger "taste" to give mine a mouthful. I said hello to you earlier - glad you found us.

Gypsy your daughter is such a cutie!!! It must be such a joy to be able to stay at home with her. Enjoy these young months!!! Before you know it she'll be walking and talking back to ya' LOL
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Not a picture of smoking....just one I found of my wife, daughter, and myself out geocaching in the laurel highlands.

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Nice piece of burl wood on the pipe, Devil. I had me a nice assortment of pipes but gave up smoking tobacco 30 years ago and gave my pipes to my brother. He quit smoking and threw all the pipes away his and mine.

Nice little ankle biters er-I mean Dachshunds you got there. I had a couple when I was a wee lad. Named them all Doddy, (couldn’t pronounce the ‘g’ in doggy) but they didn’t care. Now my pups of choice are Beagles.

Cute little girl, ya got there Gypsy!! How come she's bald?? Ow-that hurt!! Ma Dutch just reminded me (and not so gently either) that not all little girls are born with hair!! Sorry- (dang that's going to leave a bruise-at least it will match the one on the OTHER ARM!!!)
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Hawg I mostly fish fresh water stream for hatchry raised fish, hell I am stuck in the middle of god forbid Missouri here, But I do plan to someday fish the highland cold waters of the great northwest, maybe one trip at a time, but hey we can all dream, right?
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ouch on throwin the pipes away .. that coulda been some extra money for more meats for the smoker ...

i have beagles around me, with the in-laws that hunt with them ... i have been debating on breeding one of my daschunds with one of theirs .. so they can have a 'real' hunting dog hehe
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well here it is
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Here is a pic from last weekend at Disneyworld. I'm second from the left. My wife and I took our 3 year old and my parents came down from IL to go and stay the rest of the week with us here in Jacksonville. I smoked them some ribs and fixed some of Dutch's baked beans (mom said those were the best beans she had ever eaten) (and thanks to this forum the ribs were EXCELLENT if I say so myself).

After seeing all the fishing pictures I wish I could find that picture of the first spotted sea trout I caught a couple months ago......the lure was bigger than the fish :-)
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Opps sorry it took me awhile to find a picture.

They claim if you do a rubbing the carbon gets on the stone and makes it deteriorate faster. Also could do damage if you are rough with your rubbings.
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They do look alot like the newer pearls but these are 1980's Ludwigs Super Classic Maples with long lugs. I started playing drums when I broke my ring finger on my chord hand. Never did heal right - but then I never went to a doctor til a year later neither! LOL The t-shirt is of The Beatles. Always been a huge Beatles and Elvis fan!
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Oh look at the babies! Their so cute!
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Hey look it's Hank Williams JR.
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last time is aw Jr. he had a JD bottle in his hand not a beer .. boy do the times change icon_mrgreen.gif
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My daughter came outside & wanted a pic of me next to my smoker so he is meicon_cool.gif

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LOL, I knew there had to be relatives involved. No self-repecting Floridian would spend time at Mouse World PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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awesome pic john.
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