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I had one I was told it had to go. Something about weight controll and apperance of a soldier yada yada yada. I miss the fat and happy days.
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Here is your poolman in living color! Not the best pic I have ever taken, course for it to be the best picture I have ever taken, I shouldn't be in it.

Actually I have been described as a young Harrison Ford, except for my face and body.

I was also told I look like Al Gore. Thanks for that.
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nice looking horse, now lets smoke em!!!
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I know that was meant as a joke, but, horses give you Sooooo...... much love, you simply can't believe it, till you have one for a month or two. They LOVE children, I guess only Gypsy can tell ya what the horse flows to the precious "Amiee" , again, I know it was a joke. Tonite is kind of a bad nite, my old mom, "Skipper" is failing, I guess I just don't want to face it. Been there, done that, it never gets any better. icon_cry.gif
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What a great thread!

I've had a really busy weekend, with the wedding and the birth of our 12th grandchild... this is the first chance I've had to look through this thread. Hey, we are a bunch of good lookin' folks!

Well, here's one of me, taken last year at Cape Henlopen with my new fishing machine...
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It's me, BEAR

This picture was taken about 60 yards from where our new house now sits, it's a wild place, and the wife says I am too.
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Pic is a couple years old, but that is me.........as much as I might want to deny it.

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Sweet bike Joe.

Terry - I grew up with horses and know what you mean. My folks finally got out of the business after I got out high school. I wan't around to help out as much. We boarded horses for other people also. Usually about 20 at a time plus ours. The last one we had go down on us did it in the very middle stall of the barn. We had to tear two walls down just to get the back hoe in there. It was a horrible day. After all the years of barrell racing and breaking horses for people, I now have a royally screwed back and neck.
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Wes, thanks, I can see that you been there.
Fatback Joe, thats a beautiful bike.
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Damm Bear, whatever you're opinion is, I agree. I'm on your side......
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Don't know how to put it in the body, so I hope the avatar will suffice.

Keep on climbing and smoking.
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The only ones I have on hand are from Cancun last March...Hey Gypsy, I see your grouper, and raise you one sailfish...PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif

And here's a link to Zach with our King Kooker

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Gosh Shell that fish is bigger than you are! Holy Smokers!
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Another view...

Here I am cleaning the inside of my computer monitor...
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Here's my ugly mug with one of my grandsons.
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I know Deb! I couldn't even hold it by myself! The really bad part was that we couldn't even take it with us, our hotel didn't offer cooking up your catch plus there wasn't anywhere to clean filet and ship home w/dry ice...the next day we ran into town and stopped in Margarhitaville and they had grouper special that day! I ordered the sandwich, I was probably eating my own fish!!
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done. lol
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nice sail! FISH ON!
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I think I'd be afraid of fishes that big! What happens to fish that you catch on vacations? Do they give them to the local poor folks?
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Hey Deb, Some places will box it up and ship it home on dry ice. We were in Cancun, the guys that took us out fishing probably were the local poor people, they have some very nice resorts, but we were told that house cleaning jobs only paid like $10 per week. Some restaurants I'm sure buy from the marinas.
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