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Labor Day Pulled Pork (first time)

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So this may turn into a "Captain's Log, Star date 2000 'n sumpthun" type thread, but here's my plan for a Labor Day meal. As you know, what you plan, and what you do may not be the same, but none the less, here goes:

Wally-World was pretty slim on their meat tonight so I grabed a 7.5 lb Butt Roast, and a 9.5 lb picnic. I plan on pulling them both and probably mixing them (depending on what the picnic looks like on the to suggestions if you've got em').

Sunday morning I'll rub the butts (something just wrong about that!) with yellow mustard and the following rub (from somewhere on the web... I think
Rub (will probably double):
1/4 Cup Brown Sugar
1/4 Cup Paprika
2 Tbl Black Pepper
2 Tbl Salt (Sea Course of course)
1 Tbl Cayenne
2 tsp Dry Mustard

seal and stow in the icebox for the day.

Sunday Night, I'll get the smoker going, set the computer for 225:
(Trying Jeff's process here)
Cook for 2 hours untouched
At the end of hour 2, spritz with apple juice every hour.
When the computer beeps that the meat is 145, douse with apple juice and wrap with foil (and place wrap on a foil pan)
Cook until the computer beeps that the meat is 205
Wrap with towel and put in cooler for 2 hours

After hour 2, pull the butts. If the picnic looks good, mix with the roast, pour the drippings and mix the meat with SoFlaQuer's finishing Sauce (small mod.):
1 Cup Cider Vinegar
2 Tbl Brown Sugar
1-2 tsp Weber N'Orleans Cajun Seasoning (to taste)
1 tsp Course Black Pepper
1 tsp Red Pepper Flakes (will probably grind in the coffee grinder)

Will most likely reheat the meat in the smoker that afternoon. While I'm at it, I got the stuff for Dutch's beans and of course ABT fixin's. We'll see how my buddy "time" treats me.

Also, I checked on some Apple wood I cut off my tree last year. Split it and burned a little shaving......mmmm, I can't wait! Hopefully some Q-view will follow.....stand by.
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Sounds great man! I've got two butts (8.3 & 8.7) but my plans are about the same. However, I completely forgot about the Apple juice spritz (or just missed that part. So, thanks!
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yes man... pics.. pics.... we need the Qview.
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You got it Geek. Don't get discouraged when the meat hangs around 160 and won't heat. It is just flatlined for a bit. Eventually the heat will take back over and she'll bump on up. Mine took 15 1/2 hours at 228.
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Yea, I'm hoping that I'm sleeping when it's stuck at 160!
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He said sleeping hehehe you should be drinking and kicked back smelling the thin blue (only joking hope all goes well )
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The only flaw I see in your plan is that you did not give us directions to you house. Enjoy your smoke. Please post Q-view!!!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Great adventure in progress. Enjoy.
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Well Meowey, I see you're in NY. We're eatin' at 2:00 on Monday, I'd say you better get on the road pretty soon!
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Geek don't you know that dark rings and watery eyes is a sign of a good smoker (or is that smokee?) and a right of passage? biggrin.gif

Good luck!
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I'm not so far away.. I'll be there early so have the breakfast fatties ready. Good luck and keep us posted.
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Update...with q-view

so tonight I got the pork rubbed up. As usual, I modified the plan a bit:
For the rub, I doubled the recipe, and replaced the brown sugar with Turbinado sugar. I also get complaints from my wife that my rubs are too hot (what the heck does too hot mean!), so instead of the 2 Tbl of cayenne pepper, I used 1 Tbl of cayenne and 1 Tbl of Chili powder. Here's the prep table:

Mixed the rub in Granny's old mason jar, cleaned and dried the butts, slathered with yellow mustard, and patted in the rub:

The Picnic:

The Roast:

Wrapped each of the butts in foil and poured 1 half can of beer in each before sealing (which, by my math, leaves 2 half cans of beer for the chef)

Like I mentioned before, I'm going to use SoFlaQuer's finishing Sauce. Can I mix that up before hand (like tonight) or is it better mixed fresh?

Smoking tomorrow after Church. More to come...
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good lookin' pics josh- fer the wife ya can add 1/2 cup more brown sugar to cut the heat & sprits w apple/lemon/cran- that'll simmer it down some- great luck to ya.
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Thanks for the input Gypsy. Now when you mention adding juice, do you add that with the rub and make a paste, or drizzle it over the meat after the dry rub is in place?

Thanks again,
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depending on the meat & what i'm doing i may make a wet rub or just spritz w/what i mentioned.. i tend to stay away from alcohol based things( beer & balsamic overnight wrapped for pork & beef) as they tend to dry the meat(poultry) unless i add evoo to it. usually i dry rub & wrap over night then after about 2 hrs i spritz- going 3-2-1 (basic times- more 4-1.5-2)i'll spritz twice- spritz when wrapping & spritz 1 more time when unwrapping.- now thats a full pork rack i tried bbs yesterday & they wanted to fall apart- so i don't trim the membrane on those now.long winded but hope it helps.
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Pulled pork was really good.

Sorry, no Q-View because at 4:30 this morning I was draggin' donkey.

I'm a bit confused as I really tried bringing the pig up to 205, but could never breach 196. It flat lined at 185 for about 3.5 hours, so once it started moving, I thought we were smooth sailing. However, the last 3 hours I was stuck at 196 and both me and the smoker were out of fuel. So I pulled it off and let it sit for 3 hours. Pulled it and it tasted great. Did I lose anything by not getting the final temp?

Thanks all for your help on my first pull pork.
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Every piece of meat is different. 196 is a perfectly acceptable final temp. I usually try to get to 195, and most times it goes a little higher. Sometimes the temp goes a degree or two when resting in an insulated cooler.

Sounds like you did well. Too bad about the lack of Q-view!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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I think that you did just fine. I figure that anything that hot is going to pull pretty easy especially after a good long rest.
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I think that you did good sounds mmmm mmmmm good
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