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Smoke Question: Is this thin? Is it Blue?

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Doing a massive weekend smoke this weekend, (except for tomorrow gotta have some boat time) 12 racks of ribs, Wicked Beans, Abt's (I'm sure I'll find room for a fatty or two. Oh, and my hot wings..... Gonna expose all my friends to my lastest obsession on Monday but my question is this: Is this Thin Blue Smoke? Its the way it always looks regardless of what we're smokin.

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trece- sometimes i have to pour the wood to the pit to even get a pic of "the thin blue"- bottom line rule is - if yer burning wood- ya got smoke- seeing ain't believing- tasting is...
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If ya smell smoke, your makin smoke cool.gif If ya can see white, your makin creosote PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif Your's looks good wink.gif
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What they said, yer looking good. Just don't give the audience a smoke show... cool.gif
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My first few smokes looked like the house was on fire! I thought that you assaulted the meat for a couple of hours with thick heavy smoke. My ribs would taste like...well you know.

Now I have learned the way of the TBS and have enjoyed the kind of Q that I had to pay $13 a plate for before.
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Looks like it to me!! Your friends are in for a real treat!
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Hey Trece, I noticed your MasterBuilt smoker there. I have the same one. Do you like it? I have to say it was hard for me to go electric, but so far I have done 10 - 15 smokes on it and it has been turning out really good results.
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note my latest pics from labor day- i threw in 15 large chunks of skeet & a 2lb 1/2" thick 14" wide chunk of hickory- just to get a smoke pic... it wasn't too heavy as i pour smoke to my cooks early & the brink loses 1/2 of what i put i said before- if yer burnin' wood- yer gettin' smoke- it's taste- ya notice by my pics ya can't even see the smoke....
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We love it! I have done somewhere around 30-40 smokes in it and they seem perfect every time. I love the constant temp. I'm not a charcoal kinda gal apparently ....................
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