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Smokin' today?

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I just looked at the clock and it is 2:28 pm (pst) and the temperature is 103*. The only thing smokin' is the bottom my shoes on the pavement. I can't handle this kind of heat while I'm out with the smoker that is surrounded by concrete. Time for a Bud bath...
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i hear ya bro- it 80 something here w/ a dry cool north breeze- supposed to be 62 tonight- i may actually have to put on a shirt...... finally our heat wave broke.
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yeah man, can you belleve this so cal heat? this is not what we pay the big bucks for. i am however smoking a brisket as we speak, tend to fire, run back in air conditioned house, repeat, repeat..... jack
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not today but tommorow.

I will be doing a test run on my ribs & wings for the Silver Lake Backyard BBQ competition.
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good luck on that, i wish we had more bbq comps in so cal
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I WANT A BRISKET! icon_redface.gif
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Me too Deb, and I want a PACKER! No... not a football player...
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Holy crap!!! 103 yikes... I hate the heat and when we get in the hight 80 and mid 90's I am one craggy SOB.
Great day today... overcast in the am and sunny and mid 70's in the afternoon.
I'll have a cold one for you...


PS why do they call a brisket a packer????
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Checkout my mention of a comp. in Recurring/competion BBQ. Moorpatk Sept. 8th.
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hey john- go say hi to bubba,bud, & tonto for me & mine & wish them well. they are smokin'scotsman bbq.
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Come on down to my house Debi I have 2 14lb packers that have been marinating all night. I even have enough cold ones for the both of us.
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gypsyseagod I hope I can remember to say Hi for you but it is my 1st comp. I hope I can remember how to BBQ my ribs & wings once I get there.icon_rolleyes.gif
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