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i fell out da chair over that "car". i learned to drive in sabinal,texas in a 57' chevy hard top w/ a 327 in it... the camaro makes me drool....
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p.s.- last week i saw a 66' chevy 2 box wagon(really rare)- alpine white w/ tint & cragars, w/ a 327 slapstick - beautiful ride-i may get pics tomorrow...
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Well, after picking myself up from the meat, I finally made it to the car and fell out again. Time for bed I think!
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No, unfortunately they do not. This car was originally a 6 cylinder model, so I will not be able to get the top $$ that some of them do. Engine was built by Racing Head Service in Good 'ol Tennesee. I have kept it as original as possible, no bondo anywhere. I have not gone online sometime to check out what knock offs will draw, but I figure I won't loose money, that's for sure. I also put PS in it. It use to drive like a tank.
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it's still a beautiful rod i bet it sounds like a beautifully tuned pit. if i was in the market & had the coin- i'd take it off yer hands in a heartbeat.
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just by the ss tag on it & being a 69- 15k bottom dollar.... thats my guess.wait... ss & it was a "6" how can that be...i'm just curious.... didn't the '69 ss come w/ a 396 0r custom order 427 ? the predecessor to the vette lt-1(last of the stingray- not to be confused w/ the sting(space) ray. sorry i'ma vette freak & the factory (vettes & chevy racing is 45 mins from here)
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All this car talk is making me miss my Chevelle. I had a 70 Malibu. All original. I picked it up in 88 when it only had 45,000 miles and had been garage kept. I ditched the vinyl top, had some custom springs made for the back to lift it back up level, repainted her dark green, and hopped up that little 307 as much as you could a 307. In 92 I was living in an apartment (good 'ol bachelor days) and someone stole my wheels and dropped her on the ground. Put some pretty big dents in it also. I went to the junk yard and bought 4 wheels and some garbage tires just to get it off the ground. 2 weeks later someone tried to steal it. Busted out my window. Someone saw them trying to hook it up to wrecker. Had it not been backed in, it would have been gone. I got married a month later, bought a house and the money priorities shifted, so I sold her. I have some pics somewhere, but that was before the digital days.
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Basically I based the rebuild on the SS style coup. As a 6 cylinder it was a 250. The previous owner had always ran it with the 250 emblem still on the car. Use to piss off alot of 351 Fords, that just couldn't figure why they lost the race. PDT_Armataz_01_13.gif
I had since rebuilt that engine, then eventually replaced it with the current engine. Originally it had like a 2.73 geared rear end. I could get 25 mpg out on the open road just cruising. Trouble was I was replacing the clutch every two years. Finally beefed up the rear end and took it to the 350 setup and had it appraised back in 92. Lost the mpg when I did that. At that time it went for $7000. There is no rust except for the valance under the rear window.....after market piece. I'll have to replace that someday.
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Fell outta the chair????...... I durn near p%^&ed my pants!!! Great shots of both, Q-meat and ride.
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wow nice meat i was just going to do some baby backs now i just added some country style ribs to my menu nice photos
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still a great ride- a guy down the steet does custom rebuilds & has a '67 chevy 2 wagon pearl white w/ tint & a 327 w/ the chevy 400( i think) trans- it's a "street sleeper"- but it looks too good to be a wife hates that it's a wagon but i know what ya can slip into a vega.. so this car is it- has cragars & hookers. & makes it even sweeter- i'll have to go get some pics.
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