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Chicken, and turkey wings in the barrel

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Cooked up some chicken halfs, turkey wings, and also some pork ribs in my barrel last night. (Not sure what section I should have posted this) This style barrel is a cross between a UDS and a bbq grill, a little too hot to call a smoker. It has worked great with pork ribs, tri-tip, chickens and turkey. Used it to cook 20 chicken halfs one time and also had 16 tri tip in it, with this style, at a company get together.
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Whatever, it seems to work. Is the first pic the ash pan or fire pan?
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It's the fire pan, made from an old disc blade. The bottom of the barrel is cut out, and after the coals are ready you set the barrel over them.
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Cool cool.gif
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Neat setup!!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Cool set up, I like it.
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I like this setup too. Do you use a cooking grid at all? You just cook by hanging wires? Do you have another set of rebar on a lower level for more capacity? I'd like to see a picture of the inside cooking space if you could.
This is great....looks like it works good. Q-view looks great too.
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Looks good RatDawg. Intersting smoker too
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Yes, I mostly use the stainless steel hooks. I have only used the cooking grid to do a whole turkey. You pull the plugs that are about 9" below the top. Then put in two rebar rods to hold the cooking grid. I can fit in more meat using the hooks then with one grid, plus you don't need to turn the meat.
I will be making a UDS style soon. I will make it so I can use three rods (under the lid), or use two grids for smoking meat that doesn't hang well like Brisket, pork butt, and fatties. I will also make the hooks shorter, so the meat doesn't hang to low.

Thanks for the kind words, Dawg
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