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Pork Rib Belly Bacon

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Okay I'm nuts but I did bacon on a week night! I bought that strage little 6 lb pork belly rib thingy last week and cut off th ribs to use it as a bacon belly. Brined it for a week, washed it up and scrubbed it and smoked it at about 130 degrees for 26 hours. I took a nap between 11pm and 2 am got up and added a few more coals and a chunk of wood, went to bed and got up again at 4:30 for work added a few more coals and little wood. Had ot have Jessie add some charcoal and a chunk of wood while I was at work (that was almost too funny). Anyway It looks like it made a nice albeit small slab of bacon. Did king of hack it on top getting the ribs off but ti lookd pretty good.
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that looks great debi. i had a crazy thought- bacon from lamb ? ever tried it & how do ya think it would work ? i'm sure it's been done- greeks and italians do any/everything w/ lamb..
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I don't know I don't really care for lamb much but it might taste better as bacon! icon_lol.gif
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lol debi- everything tastes better as bacon... wasn't that a commercial once ??? brb- i have to trademark that.icon_smile.gif
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Debi congrats on that bacon , it looks delish ....keep on training Jessie so you can get more sleep ...lolicon_lol.gif
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Looks great Deb, have you tried it yet?

Hmmm, lamb bacon... not a baaaaaad idea! eek.gifbiggrin.gif
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Great looking bacon Debi! Let us know how it turned out
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I'll stop and pick up the eggs, just tell me what time WE"RE going to tatse it.
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You never cease to amaze me with your cooking prowess. Great job! Now I'm really hungry...
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Looks like it came out nice.. Did you eat any yet??
How are you going to cut it? Do you have a slicer?
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T-bone - I think this might be it for Jessie - Newbies! Sheesh!

Hawg - I'm slicing it tonight and it's gonna be supper - BLTs. It smells even better after being in the fridge over night.

JTS - I'll let you know shortly!

S4L - 7:30 okay?

Placebo - there no limit to what you can do with a smoker! Thanks!

seaham - I found out the first time I made it to wait overnight, It doesn't taste as good until it's been chilled for some reason. Yes I have a great little slicer recommend by my man Smoked. It's a Weston heavy duty 9" slicer.
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OKay all I can say is WOW! This is the bacon I grew up eatting on the farm! Very meaty ans delicious! The last one was so fatty I couldn't eat it - this is perfect!
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that is some great lookin' stuff debi.
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Boy that looks great, getting ready to make some myself. I found a recipe that does not take as long, seems like forever that you had to smoke it.
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I have heard of people doing it in less time. I just remember as a kid they did them for days and they were amazing. This was damned near perfect don't regret waiting - just a tad salty but that's always my grip about bacons.
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Thats some great looking bacon.
Now there is another thing I gotta try :)
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Wow Debi... that looks super yummy... gotta say you're inspiring me. Thanks!
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Damn that looks good Debi! Great job!
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I just want to say that it looked terrible until I took over!

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OMG that looks OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!

Who is this Jessie person in the post above mine????? PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif


LIsa tongue.gif
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