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Re-heating Brisket??????

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I have a real problem when it comes to re-heating brisket. I usually microwave it and get that unexplainable "funny taste". I have used the drippings from my pan to add to the sliced meat. However this either makes my meat too greasy or it gets bitter from some of the burnt stuff that was in the pan and now in the juice.

Can you all please share some of your successful methods?

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i just add some of the au jus & the slices or chunk double wrapped in foil & oven warm @ 275 for an hour or longer depending on how much & the size of the meat- a 3lb chunk takes about 2.5 hrs.
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Do you have a special recipe for au jus or do you just use what is in the pan?

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if i am heating up all of the brisket, i set the oven on 250° for a couple of hours. i leave it in the alum roasting pan i put it in as i slice/pull it. the juice is in there already, and keeps it moist. if i am heating up a portion (like at work) i nike it for 1-2 minutes. never had any problems doing it that way.
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i just use whats in the pan but sometimes make an au jus by adding the drippings,smoked garlic,onion,McCormick aujus in the packet, & a cube of beef boullion & simmer it all up w/ some brisket or roast for loosemeat sammies.
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Not much to add. I usually put mine in a pyrex dish after I slice it/pull it. There will be some fat/drippings from the brisket in the pyrex dish. I also will reheat at about 250 degrees or so. The micro may be where your problems are coming in. Good luck
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Have you tried a quick spritz of apple juice and reduced power settings on your microwave. I reduce the power level and use mine all the time for brisket reheating.
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I will use the microwave(adjusting the power) when time is important, otherwise more low and slow in the oven....

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I slice mine, put it in food saver bags, pour in a little juice, seal it up, drop it in some boiling water. Works perfect every time.
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Anytime your heating up stuff in the microwave, cut the power to 70%. It takes a little longer, but doesn't "over-cook" things you are trying to reheat
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Put the juice in the fridge and chill it, then wipe the fat out with a paper towel and you'll never have greasy briskets or pulled pork!
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This may sound funny , but I have found my favorite way to reheat anything is in the "George Foreman Grill" It works great on everything to fried catfish to cornbread.
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Kind of like throwing it in a skillet ...
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I am suprised that nobody has mentioned STEAM. After the initial time spent bringing an inch of water to a boil, I would say that steaming small portions is as fast as a nuclear oven. I use one of those round folding steamer basket/strainers and cover it in like one layer of meat at a time. 30 seconds will warm just about anything and not much more time will make it steaming hot.

The down side is that you end up having to clean the pot, the lid, the basket and it takes five to ten minutes to boil a little water.

I admit also that if I am gonna nuke something that I am worried about drying out, I put it in a glass casserole dish that has a lid and add a little water before nuking.

There are a couple of great books out about cooking in a microwave, but that is whole different art form
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Just put it in a bowl and cover it with plastic wrap and it will steam itself!
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I prefer to use the crockpot. I did a brisket Friday night and had to rush it. It served on Saturday well enough, but was a little tough because it was rushed. After we got home, I put the remaining brisket in the crockpot with all of the juices and let it do whatever it does in there for a few hours. It was fantastic. Not a purist's method, but I get great results with both pork shoulders and now brisket this way.
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Crockpots a great idea Jay!
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