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Country Style Ribs Question Again

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Hello to everyone,

I have been lurking in the backround for about two months reading and learning. I am one of the big city backyard smokers. I have a GOSM and 2 Weber grills as well as the use of a weber bullit and kettle. Chicago has been my home for 40 years. I bought Jeff's rub and sauce recipies on 8/28/07 and I have some awsome "country style ribs" I want to do this labor day weekend on my GOSM. I have both loin and shoulder ribs with bone in to do. I have seen many threads on country style ribs but what I am humbly asking is please let me know how you do yours (specificly cooking times and when to foil and spray). I am not a newbie but I am also not a pro by any stretch of the imagination. I have done some awsome 18 shoulder smokes and also love a good drumstick. Please help!

Thanks, Paul

Someone please stop my freinds asking me to make fatties. All of you started it.
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Here is a post I made last year. It describes how I did them. Hope it helps.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Welcome to SMF ... lurker! icon_wink.gif
Glad you decided to come out of the closet ...icon_lol.gif Enjoy!
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Our county style ribs down south are different than yours. Ours are more of a single pork cutlet, little to no bone and can dry out quickly. My opinion on them is put them on the grill. If you have a bone style rack. Seems 3-2-1 would work just fine. Enjoy the holiday. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Edit: Actually the ribs in Meowey's post are the same style I am talking about. Looks like the foil is the ticket again, as to keeping them moist. Meowey, I am going to have to try the smoker again for my country style ribs.
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Thanks for the help everyone. It looks like Country Style Ribs, Jeff's smoked corn, and Dutch's baked beans for the weekend. If I can figure out how to post pictures I will give it a try.


Oh yeah and 2 to 3 fattys
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Finnaly some Q View

It took me awhile but after 4 months and many cases of beer I finally figured out how to post pictures. This was from my labor day cook. Thanks to everyone for there input and expert help. Country Style Ribs, Beef Brisket, Dutches beans which I love to cook the day before and reheat the next day. If they stick to the wall they are done as my better half says. Also some of Jeffs smoked corn, I think I went a little heavy on the smoke by the texture was awsome. I tried to get a picture of the finished meat but most of it was inhaled before I could get my camera.
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Welcome to the SMF and great looking smoke.
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welcome aboard the smf Paul
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Looking good there. Welcome to SMF. This is THE place to be.
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Well better late then never, right. Good looking q-view. Welcome to the site again. Now that you have the pic. thing figured out keep the q-view coming.

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