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Cleaning Smoker regulary???

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I have a propane Somky Mountain Series made by Great Outdoors. Got it at Walmart 2 years ago. Smoked probaly 15 turkeys in it, 50lbs or jerky and this or that here and there. I got reading on someones site the other day about creosote and cleaning regularly. Got me thinking, is there general maintance I should be doing to my unit? Do I need to rub the walls down on a regular basis? To me it has an oily seasoned surface, but I don't even know what creosote would look like? I only use chips from walmart and dunhams. I don't want to be poisioning my friends or family, so I thought I would run these questions by the forums..... Thanks for any help you can give this rookie.........
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Well by burning mostly propane, the only chance of creosote would come from burning a lot of wood at high volume. You know like big clouds of smoke at a time. You could gently wipe it down without wiping it perfectly clean, unless you wanted to season it over again. That's my take on it...
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The only thing I have ever cleaned in my GOSM are the grates and the drip pan. Everyone here is still alive. As I posted in the Roll Call thread, I think it would take an absolute effort to creosote up a propane smoker.
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Right on fellas, that is what I was hoping to hear. From my understanding creosote comes from unseasoned woods, and certain woods in particular. When burning propane there really shouldn't be any problem. Thanx
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Read your owners manual that came with your GOSM.
It says to clean the water bowl and grids with hot soapy water, rinse & dry. It also says use a damp cloth to clean the inside and outside of the smoker cabinet, but why? Once seasoned the water pan and grids are the only things to worry about. I run mine through the dishwasher now and then. Wipe out the bottom of the cabinet occasionally.
And stop using chips! Use chunks and don't soak them.
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My R2D2 Brinkman hasn't seen a bath in 28+ years or so.
Clean the grates, hose down the outside if you feel like it. That's it.
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