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Lox are done!

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I started cold smoking my lox at about 3:30, smoked at 90 to 100 degrees for 6 hours. They looked so good I had to try it hot. Not a good idea they're still soft but even hot it was good. The boys at work will be very happy tomorrow!

The first picture is the whole fillet.
The second is the trimmed, brined, smoked fillet
The third is cut into pieces.
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that lox looks awesome great job wish i worked with you so i could try it i may just have to make my own sometime
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This is how I did it ...

Huey - it ridiculasly easy brine, rinse, dry, smoke, chill. The hard part is having an empty smoker all day.
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That looks delicious,.......Mmmmm Mmmmm !!!
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thanks deb i will have to try this
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yer just tooo good debi... now if we can invent the fresh soft next day bagel....
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Man we have lox and bagles at work every Monday and the store bought lox usually last all morning.

My lox was attacked by vultures! They didn't even wait long enough to slice it they were breaking it off and eatting it without the bagles! I almost asked if they wanted fries with that ... Glad I tried it hot last night even never got a taste it this morning. Enhaled salmon - good God they were ruthless! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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How is lox different than regular smoked salmon? Looks great by the way, I love slamon no matter how its fixed.
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Looks great Deb... you're makin' me drool here! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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