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Chicken Parts w/Dutch's Baked Beans

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Wife picked up some leg quarters and split breast at the store today. She had a hankering for some smoked chicken. Dusted the chicken up with some Memphis Rub. Figured on smoking for around 2 1/2 hours. We also were going to attempt our first try of Dutch's Wicked Baked Beans.

We had to do some adjustment on the beans due to both the wife and I do not get along with bell peppers. We didn't have any jalapeno's either. So she added a teaspoon of crush red peppers and a little black pepper.

Smoked the chicken around 225* for 2 1/2 hours. Had to hit a target of 175* for the wife. She wants her chicken done. Beans were pulled at 160*

Fried up some Okra also.

To go along with the smoked bake beans

Dinner is served. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Beans came out real nice. Not enough heat so will try those jalapeno's next time. She enjoyed the pineapples in the beans, but wants to go with the smaller niblet size instead of the chunks.
No brining, just low temps. Chicken was quite tender and juicy. Skin was rubbery, but we don't eat the skin anyway. (Neither should You !!)
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Fried Okra!! Do you know how long it's been since I've had fried okra? Would you please share your recipe?

The chicken looks great!

I use crushed pineapple when I do Wicked Beans.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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LOL, you're sure quick. My wife cuts the Okra fresh into bite size pieces. She then lightly salts them and lets them set for close to 3 hours. This allows the Okra to "sweat". She then lightly dredges them with milk and then fries the in Yellow Self-Rising Corn meal. She adds pepper and some Everglades heat to the corn meal.
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LOL I was just going to say the same thing Meowy! I haven't made fried okra in several years! All that wonderful food and we're jumping up and down over okra! icon_mrgreen.gif

Flash it all looks wonderful ESPECIALLY the okra! icon_lol.gif
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Dang, didn't know you Yankee's cared so much. wink.gif
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Some of us Yankees get out once in a while. Okra is not widely available here, and when I do see it, I find it has a premium price tag. You've inspired me to get out and look for some.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Actually Okra is a new one for me. Originally from NY (Corning) I moved here when still a baby. I was not good at eating my vegetables though. In the place where I live now, I have a neighbor that has taught me the wonders of mustard and kale greens, turnips, collards and okra. Must be that good country living. My bar-b-que got fine tuned here too. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I forget that a lot of the folks on the SMF aren't from the sunny South... if you're ever traveling on I-65, stop in Millbrook, AL to visit Smokehouse BBQ... fried okra is one of the sides... icon_smile.gif good Q, too...

Or if you're traveling on a Tuesday, stop in Montgomery for the Capitol House Inn buffet... fried okra IS the reason we'd lunch there on Tuesdays... wink.gif great fried chicken also.
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Gotta fridge fulla okra. Fried some with my beer can chicken last night.
It wouldnt be summer without tomatoes and okra! Oh yeah and squash and and hot peppers and oh yeah fresh corn and... darn ... how do I ever find time to smoke?
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Actually we are going to wander into Alabama in late October on our way up to visit the wife's folks in Franklin, NC. Hope to do some camping at DeSota state park or vicinity. We are always on the look out for a good bar-b-que or Mexican restaurants. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Great lookin' grub!! I LOVE fried Okra! The last mess I had was the lazy way. I found a large bag at wally world, cut and breaded in the frozen food section. All I had to do was drop em' in the deep fryer.....very yummy!!!
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Flash, that is a FINE looking meal right there. Another northern boy drooling over the okra. Lived in TX for 2 years.

And I have GOT to try those beans!!!
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You can use pineapple rings too ... just use your favorite knife on them.
Another good substitute is 'Mango' diced up in there instead of the pineapple. If you can get Hungarian peppers (long & yellow) they have a fair heat and wonderful flavor. Oh! ... just thought of something ... Poblanos would be very good also.

Now ... regarding the chicken skin ... best tasting part!
I know, I know cholestorol and all ... not gonna live forever! icon_biggrin.gif
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The only time I give in on Chicken skin is when we do a bird in our Ronco Rotesserie. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif Of course my mother-in-laws famous southern fried chicken will kill me somday but I'll have to risk it. Crunchy is not the word for it.
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... and then there is duck on the rotisserie ... crispy skin basted in it's own fat ... next best thing to pork fat! ... yummmy!
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Great lookin' grub Flash, nicely done!

Yeah, fried okra... haven't had that since I was a kid! Looks YUMMY!!
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