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You all convinced me, thanks to all of you for your input.

I picked one up today !!! I have 2 pork butts going in the smoker for pulled pork and also working on a house project. Was in the need for some lumber so I went to Lowe’s and when I pulled up in the parking lot I find myself as usual staring at their line up of grill’s they have sitting outside. As I walk up to the store one of the Charbroils looked like it had sat out there way to long and they had marked it down to $60. I went in the store found the manager and offered him $90 if he would include the firebox, he pondered a bit and said he would sell me the grill for $45 and the firebox for $45 !!! So now I am home, checked the pork butts they are looking a great but my wife thinks I am nuts (she knew that when she married me, never a dull moment)….. but this really has me fired up to try a different style of smoking !!!

Now I need to find all the modifications I need to do before firing it up. Suggestions are welcomed and I also will be searching SMF for what I can find. Also I will be spraying it with black grill spray paint and also sanding & staining the side boards.
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congrats mossy- here's the mods link for the cg.
plus a link to my snp mods but they should work the same.
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I had my eye on one too. My wife said I have to get rid of one of my other smokers first.

I will keep my eye out for a similiar deal and get it and just keep it at my brother in laws house
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WTG Mossy! I'm sure you will like it!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Hey Congrats Mossy! Enjoy the smoke!
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BDS RULES!.........PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif No, really....... great lookin smoker and it does a GREAT JOB! Only requirement is that you show Q-views!
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Side boards are stained and it cleaned up good, no reason to paint it. My wife has been researching it now and is just as excited as me to try the first smoke with it. In fact in the owners manual that came with it there is a gourmet hot dog recipe she wants to try. Life is good !!! Just going out to the garage to put on the firebox, will post a cleaned up pic of it tomorrow.
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gourmet & hot dog in the same sentence....icon_razz.gif andyer not in n.y.c......
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Welcome to the CG family. I love mine. A suggestion about the sfb to add is that the paint will bubble, and peel, etc. brush off the paint flakes, and spray the underlaying metal with PAM or brush with veg oil. If done while hot it will season the outside of the sfb, and keep it from rusting.

Congrats on the great deal too. I saw the CG at Menards in Madison, WI for $89, and the SFB for I think $39. I think they've alreaday stated the end of season clearance. I paid $119 for the CG and $59 for the SFB back in May at Lowes.
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Get a rope !!!

Thanks for the info. I do notice the the SFB is painted with powder coat and has thicker steel than the grill. Do you think this will still be a problem? I am having no buyer's remorse, just want to know how to deal with possible future issues.....
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wellihope the sfb is painted better than the chamber... lol mossy btw- i put enough heat inthe brink snp that i think (the door warped a bit) to weld a couple big nuts(shut up y'all)t the door to hold it down until i either- a) build my real pit, or b) find a welding rig to do my own home mods.
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For $90 it clean up great, stained the side boards and handles to match the deck and now I have to start working on modifications.....
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Looks prettyPDT_Armataz_01_29.gif

needs some smoke to look perfectPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Chargriller Pro - SFB

Hi guys,

Hopefully I can still get some feed back. I have 2 issues with my chargriller.
  • Paint on the SFB - I've returned once and still it peels off. Even after seasoning the second one I still have random issues with the paint peeling randomly. It lets off a aweful smell.
  • Temp - I've been using two oak/hickory log splits one front and one back. Charcoal between then my hickory and stick on top of the charcoal. Problem is I can only keep a temp for about 30minutes. and if I through a hand full of sticks of 2 chucks on it the temp jumps 50+ degrees.
Any help and how you applied mods would be great.
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J - Read BBQlovinPackerBacker coment to Mossy about this. I spray my smokers inside and out too.
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you rock debbie thanks.
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My SFB paint was gone after the 1st or 2nd smoke. I keep putting oil on it & it fends off most of the rust.
What I do for the fire is: 1. lite regular charcoal briquettes to bring her up to temp. 2. When almost up to temp I add a few handfuls of lump charcoal (Cowboy brand) which is an all natural combo of hickory, oak, & maple. 3. When up to around 200* I add 2 small splits of cherry wood. 4. once smoke is flowing thin blue i put the meat on the cooker. 5. I find without mods to the CG I have to keep an eye on the temp & adjust the intake air down to keep the temp down at first but as the fuel burns off I need to adjust it open more & more until full open. The fuel burns off to the point temps start to drop about every hour. I add a few more handfuls of lump charcoal & another split of cherry. Sometimes to keep the smoke thin & blue I do have to add another split of cherry more often.

After time I am pretty well able to keep the temp w/in 10* of 200* & am somewhat able to anticipate when to add wood or charcoal before the temps change or the smoke stops. I seem to get better at it every smoke so don't give up, just keep learningicon_exclaim.gif
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I had that problem alot with my ECB. It rusted after every smoke so I sprayed the snot out of it with pam! Now it looks like an old cast iron skillet!
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I use an old basting brush to baste my SFB with peanut oil from a deep fried turkey I did last year. The oil is old & rancid but make the SFB look like the old cast iron pan. I does stink a bit right after a reoil but it doesn't stink long.
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Char Griller on steroid's???eek.gif
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