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My first QView

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Hey all - I'm trying to post my first Qview. This is from my little girls 1st birthday. We did 6 racks of spare ribs and 3 tri-tips. Turned out pretty good. Sorry if my picture doesn't work - it's my first time!icon_redface.gif
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grrr - let's try it again
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A full smoker is a happy smoker!!!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Very nice!
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Great job Bil !!! They looks really tastey! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Congrats !!! What all do you have going on in there?
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its just ribs and tri-tip. I cut the racks of ribs in half and had them standing in a rib rack. One of the tri-tips reached temp fast so i wrapped it in foil and moved it to the cooler side of the smoker. It was a tough fit - 6 racks of spares and 3 tri-tips in a cg smokin pro.
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Congrats on a great smoke Bill!!
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great pics & grub- maybe resize a lil' bigger if may just be my comp but i see small thumbnail view.
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Gypsy, that's all I get also.
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I just hit the little zoom% button on the right side bottom of the explorer browser and boy does it look good at 200%!
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I think the resolution on my camera was way too fine. The original picture was a gigantic 1.4m!?! I compressed it all the way down to where it would attach and it ended up very small. Computers were never my strong point. Maybe I should use an off-site host?
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Looks good!
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Great lookin Q...... Congrats.....
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Great looking smoke, Thanks for sharing.
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Your can also change the resolution on your camera.
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