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Pulling chicken?

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I have smoked chicken before, with great results, my question is if I want to pull it like pork at what temp should I pull it. Should I do it about 170, or wait till about 190? Any help, or if anyone has ever done it let me know.

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When you remove it from the smoker at about 170, let it rest. There will be a little carry over of heat. Once it is cool, you can remove the skin and pull it. My wife does that to make chicken salad for sandwiches. if you remove it when it hits 190*, the white meat may start to dry out, especially if it has not been brined.
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I did a bird last weekend that I ended up chopping/pulling and it was awesome. I followed the time and temps from DJ Debi's page http://www.deejayssmokepit.net/Poultry.htm with the exception of waiting till it hit 175*. Once there, I pulled it out and put it in a foil tented pan in the oven on 170* for another hour (per Jeff's guide http://www.wyntk.us/food/smoked-chicken-quarters.shtml) and after that I got it on the cutting board and did some pulling/chopping.
Here's my thread from last week

Have fun!
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Sounds good to me!
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I have 6 of them in brine right now, with 3 gallons of water and one bag of ice to keep it cold, in my cooler. Can't wait to start smoking in the morning. I can already taste/picture it now.

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Chicken salad?

That just hit me, my life loves chicken salad, and i think it's alright, but smoked, I bet that would be real good......

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Speaking of picturing them now... don't forget some Q Views. Smokin' chics is one of my favorite dishes.
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the last 3 birds I did I took off at 165 wrapped in foil and let rest for 20-30 min. Cut off what meat we needed for dinner and then when the bird was cool enough to handle we pulled the meat off the carcass till it was clean..
It is great left over.
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Not a problem,

If I can remember where I left my camera. As long as you don't mind pics of my old ecb. She's been good to me, hopefully to be replaced when my bank account allows me.
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we like pics here. And no one will care what it looks like, a long as it puts out great BBQ thats all that matters. PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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Picture of the chicks.

In a kosher salt, brown sugar brine. Kinda looks nasty now, but wait till tommorow......
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Matt -

Everythings better smoked! Eveb stuff I don't really care for is great smoked!

and by the way ....
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smoked chix salad is awesome & if there's any left- quesadilla omelettes,or just plain quesadillas.
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Oh yeah! Smoked chicken or turkey makes Awsome quesadillas!
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I just Q'd 3 brined split chickens and you would of thought it rained in my smoker. After 2 hours at 325 they were soaking wet. Gotta give some love to the brine factor for that. Took them off at 165 internal then put them in a foiled pan and covered them and put them in an unheated over for an hour and put my wicked beans back on for some more smoke. Awesome!!!
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More pics of the chicks....

On the Smoker at 10:30 going to flip at 12 and off by 3 or 3:30...
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Smoke those babies at about 300 to 350 and they'll crispy up and be ready by 2-2:30. Watch their temps and spray! Good luck !
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Flipping Time!!!

These things smell great. I can't wait. The funny stuff behind it is cause it started raining here, ain't really rained in two months, which is the funny part, and I stood up a umbrella to keep the rain out. My ECB doesnt' like the rain much.
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Looking good.....I'm getting hungry nowwink.gif
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just pulled them....

hit 168 and i pullled them.....Waiting a while before I pull. Got bored waiting so made a couple of fatties... too....
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