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big fire!!!!!!!

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so i smoked a round roast ,a pork shoulder,dutchs beans and all is great.we are all at the table eating when i see something out of the corner of my eye...the ecb i am smoking on is now engulfed in flames.....i never expected this and i dont know how it happened but it did.....i grabbed the water hose and put out the fire but i still dont know why it started,,,,maybe grease from the pork,i am confused,,,but we can laugh about it now since no body was hurt
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Glad nobody was hurt, was the ECB damagedPDT_Armataz_01_10.gif
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chalk it up to a good seasoning
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That use to happen to me when ever I tried to grill chicken. I had a Brinkman's and I used it as a grill, set the chicken on fire and locked myself out of my trailer all at one time. Didn't know about the water outlet under the trailer. DUH!!! But at least you got to eat first. By the way, what year pan?
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no one was hurt the red smoker is a little black now but will work fine....the panhead is a 1952 fl...she is worked up a bit with a 93 inch s and s sidewinder kit...also have a 47 knucklehead in the garage thats my brothers ,,,ita all stock. a 1947 fl
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Don't squirt water at a fire that has anything to do with grease.
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So was this your attempt at getting a new smoker?

Did it work?
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I had that happen to me once in the ECB. I ran out of water and the grease puddled in the bottom and POOF!. I sprayed it with apple juice and it went out and saved the turkey!
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Wow! Glad everything and everybody is okay...
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Had a similar experience with my char griller.After smoking some beef ribs I foolishly moved some of the hot coals from the fire box to the grill side to grill off some veggies. Things got real hot real fast. Shut the lid and the blaze still wouldnt go out. End up with a charred griller and cooked the veggies inside. Lesson learned!!!!
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You can't kill an ECB. Keep on smokin'! cool.gif
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