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I just ran across this thread and I have to say that I understand. I've been there. We have another pooch now .. her name is Happy. She's different and very welcome but doesn't take the place of Heidi an outstanding (mostly) german shepard. Heidi had the heart of 10 dogs and the love of a hundred.

I don't mean to be sacreligeous but it reminds me of a quote attributed to Mark Twain. He said "If dogs don't go to heaven then I want to go where they go." They're so unassuming and totally forgiving..... great friends .... without hesitation.
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Im sorry to hear about your loss. Thats tough especially when you had her as long as you did. My dog is getting to that age and I hate to think of what it would be like without her by my side.
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Oh Monty...I am so very very sorry to hear about your sweet Molly. I wish I could help the pain.....
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Monty, I am so very sorry for your loss. I truly do feel your pain as I am still grieving the loss of Wylie a few weeks ago.....You are in my thoughts and prayers. (((((((((((Big Hug from me)))))))))) Take care my friend.
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Monty, it is a very hard thing to go through, I am deeply saddened and sorry for your loss. Time will heal the pain. Hold onto the memories of your life with Molly, she'll be waiting for you at the bridge...
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Thank you so much, everyone for your outpouring of love!

No other way to describe it! The SMF Family is TOPS!

Molly now rests in her favorite spot for "managing" the operation.

While I miss her terribly I understand how life works. Winter will soon be upon us here and when that is over and spring brings a promise of new life I will start a search for another German Shepherd Gal to pick up where Molly left off. Still a lot to do here!

Till then, once again, thank you everyone for the kind words of inspiration and understanding.

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My deepest sympathies and thoughts are with you.
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I am an animal maniac myself and have felt that pain more than a few times. I can say its never easy, but press on and take it in stride. We're all feelin' for you. You'll find a new buddy soon enough.
Delilah wanted to say hi too.

I will blame the ridiculous sweater on her mother.icon_mrgreen.gif

Sending you good feelings and happy thoughts from FL!
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Sorry to hear of your loss Monty.
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