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Greetings from the New Hampshire Seacoast

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from me, a transplanted redneck from Nashville, TN.
Been looking for an internet "home" for my jones, hope this is it.
I've been half hearted fooling with this for many years, but this year I decided to get a bit better at it.
I have a Hasty Bake Suburban, a Kettle, and a WSM. This winter during cabin fever season I am going to build a simple drum rig, just looks too good to be true.
It is a lot of fun cooking Southern soul food for my Yankee friends, and buying lobster at the boat for 8 bucks a pound is a hoot too!
I am an addicted saltwater fly fisherman, and I live a mile from some of the best striped bass waters in the world.
Howdy, or "Ayuh, how ah ya".
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welcome to SMF,I'm sure you'll enjoy it here .
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Welcome to the forum. We're glad you're here. My home office is located not too far from you in Newport, NH.
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Welcome aboard jdubya, glad you found us!

I too am an addicted saltwater fly fisherman, only I'm in Delaware. We have some decent waters for stripers down this way. Ever fly fish from a kayak? If not, you have to try it... it is AMAZING!

Have fun!
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2 Yaks. One is for sale, one is my fishing machine!
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I'm transplanted from Milford, NH myself. Another great thing about the area is a lot of high quality red oak and maple around...I was paying about $180 a cord, split and dumped.
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Now yer talkin'! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif I have a 14' Heritage Marquesa that has been converted into a fishing machine... a Redfish clone. I love that thing!
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welcome! my wife is from Bedford/Manchester, I love that area.
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Welcome to SMF! Hope you enjoy it here!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Welcome Jdubya -

Lots of builders here to help you along. So ask your questions and enjoy!

Now I have a question for you ... what does "home for my jones mean?"
I got that in an email to my website (1 of 1853) today and didn't have a clue what it meant.
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Welcome to the SMF the best BBQ site on the net glad to have you icon_exclaim.gif
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A jones-an addiction! Its probably a good thing you don't know what it is!
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Ah thank you JW!

I might not know the term but this smoking thing is a HUGE addiction! icon_lol.gif
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