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rotisserie gave out

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wouldnt you know it, getting ready to do a whole chicken in the electric brinkman and the 35 year old rotisserie finally gave out after making grinding noises for the last year. only paid 25 bucks 35 years ago for a charcoal unit with lid and rotisserie, been transfering the rotisserie to everything i purchased since. looked at new rotisseries, ouch, 55 bucks and up, guess i am living way in the past, and dont need one that bad now.
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Maybe you can take it apart and add a hand crank? You should be able to replace the motor, but ti may still give you sticker shock!
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well, i took it apart, gears are trashed, deejay debi, if i added a hand crank, i would have a very soft temper and promoted a lot of health after several hours of cranking. you got the sticker shock right. guess i will do with out, unless i find one at a garage sale cheap.
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I've seen then here in Ontario for $20 to $30 and then there is the higher end stuff.
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Not sure what your rotisserie looks like or its size, but I saw a guy at a pig roast a few years back that had a homebuilt unit, rigged with an old electric motor from a washing machine or something, and used bicycle sprockets and chain to drive the rotisserie shaft. He had the smaller sprocket on the motor and the larger one on the shaft... pretty neat!
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I have an old pool pump, but it is 3/4 horse and would probably fling your food into the next county!
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ajthepoolman, just wanted to say howdy, im down in linn county, la cygne area. the old motor was small with the gears self contained, about 4x6 inches. made brackets to install it on the electric smoker, charcoal smoker and gas grill. looks like it would be worth 20 bucks. guess the old thanksgiving turkey will just have to sit on a rack in the smoker this year. still watching walmart for closeout price on propane smoker. tjw in kans.
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Hey there La Cygne, Louisburg here.
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hey adb551, i see joe w. has a smoke on wheels going on down there.
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I have been to the convenience store in Louisburg many times on my way to Pittsburg. Go to the push pin application that Jeff put on here and mark your territory!
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