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elephant garlic

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someone said in a post that it ain't garlic- well it is & it ain't- here's the definition.... i got 1 - smoked, it tends to get stronger but not bitter & was still milder than homegrown- but anyway... like a leek to an onion.... i thought it was worth posting... http://www.garlic-central.com/elephant-garlic.html
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that's a great explaination gypsy thanks for the post PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Of course it's garlic just has larger cloves! That's silly! rolleyes.gif
Best ones to use for making garlic paste too.
(Actually garlic is of the onion family)
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thats what i thought debi- i just read a reply to 1 of my posts & it looks the same, tastes the same, but it is milder than homegrown(may be my ground)- after the fact it did freak me out cause the inner skin was green like a fig- still tasted like smoked garlic to me & worked great w/ the italian spiced tomater,garlic,b.pepper,mushroom smoked burger meat for sghetti tonight.... the only garlic i use now is my own smoked garlic (made into paste) - thanx debi.. woulda never smoked veggies,roots,etc. w/out you. i'd'a just stuck to roasted.
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Well, elephant garlic is not garlic, though the shape and taste is somewhat similar. Onions and garlics are all from the allium genus. Rather than being a variant of garlic, "elephant garlic" is a variant related to the leek.

Allium ampeloprasum
var. porrum


Allium ampeloprasum var. ampeloprasum

Common garlic is Allium sativum
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tomato ... tomato... lol i thought i had the taste & definition down in the 1st post. even though it is related (or compared to the leek) it is very much"not a true garlic" - but much milder & very often used raw in salads but from personal experience- upon smoking it- i found it has a very pleasant flavor & for sheer size makes a great paste- for us bulk pasters....lots less work.
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See'n as there are no dumb questions here...

How do you smoke garlic? EVOO the whole head and in to the smoker? I went to Debi's site and didn't see anything there.

The way that I roast garlic in bulk (maybe this is stating the obvious) is to buy the bulk peeled cloves from the supermarket and put in a small pyrex bowl with some EVOO at 300 until done. Mash and enjoy.

Can the two techniques be combined?
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i usually take about 8- skin & all.. 2 in evoo,2 in white wine or beeR, & 4 plain-fridge for a couple days (being a relative term) & place on the warmer rack until well browned & soft-3 to 5 hrs. scrape out & mash into a mason jar as paste.
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thanks..i learned somehting new
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sorry about the poor spelling
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noe plobrem. biggrin.gif
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The authentic, and more difficult to enjoy- method is chopping the top offa whole flower to expose a bit of all the cloves, drizzle with evoo and a bit of salt and roast that way. Some wrap in foil before roasting. Pop cooked cloves out with a small spoon or butter knife and spread.

I kinda like your "lazy" method tho :{)
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Wow. I didnt mean to start something here. just stating a fact that elephant garlic doesnt cut for me ,if it does you right then great. I still wonder if the smoke penetrates all the wrappers to flavor the garlic or will it taste the same as oven roasted. I use roasted garlic in one of my hot sauces and am very interested in this one.
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That's why I'm interested in combining my lazy roasted technique with the smoked version. I don't see why taking some peeled cloves covered with some EVOO and placing them on a screen in the smoker wouldn't come out awesome. One way to find out!!!
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Can't go wrong with garlic! Well, ya can, but it'd have to be like in a Key Lime pie or something, eh.
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i am afraid i have to agree with keul........elephant garlic in NOT true garlic

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I just peel mine down to the last peel (leave tha on) and smoke em when they get soft I squeeze em in a bowl and do whatever with it!

You really don't even have to peel em but then you might get some dried peels in your paste.
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another way to smoke garlic.......for me anyway.....stick it on the back of my monitor.........its smoking becauses of all the beer i have spewed on it today...........crap

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Makes great garlic butter!
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sweetheart.......is there such a thing as a BAD garlic butter.........YUM

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