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My wife is not helping my addiction

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Tonight she purchased 65 lbs. of Boston Butt Roasts, $1.12 a pound if you buy a case of them at our local SAM's Club. She is out trying to make some freezer room,....... I am thinking about doing a little pulled pork this weekend. Life is good !!!
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Man, thats my kind of problem icon_smile.gif You are a lucky man!!
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Now THAT's some problem to have! I feel for you!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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poor baby.............icon_mrgreen.gif
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Alright Tanya! That's what eight or nine butts? WooHoo! A little pulled pork?
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Good lord Tanya! Do you have a sister? I'm thinkin I'd like to marry into your family! icon_wink.gif No wait, sisters are always different, how about we just clone you? icon_biggrin.gif Terry
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I think I would be burned out on pork butt by the end of all of them.

Yeah.........riiiiiiiiiight PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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i'm thinkin' between us- our wives will make us get bigger freezers & larger smokers... not neccessarily a bad thing....now after the lang 84 & bus i want a margarita machine... should your's call mine ??? lol
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Wow, can you come train my wifePDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Good wife

Thats a good wife feeding you addiction,mam all my wife has done is to name our stay kitten which was born under or deck Smokey
Good luck and Good Smolingicon_razz.gif
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lol we got a "smokey" too - he got into my 100 yr old wood stove & was whining & all ashey... now he's just p.i.t.a.
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...."now after the lang 84 & bus i want a margarita machine"
Gypsy, you don't need a Margarita machine, you need a frickin sugar cane plantation. icon_razz.gif haha, and I'll help you run it! I already got the reciepe for Captain Morgan rum, and you, being you, most likely got the still. Hell, we could be millionares with our new Q joint, "The B&B", BBQ and booze. wink.gif Terry
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lmao terry- if ya only saw my drafting plans for my place... it's called(copyrighted & trademarked of course) - blues & ques- open hearth pit(all brick 24long X 6' high, widescreens & football specials, the beans & salad bar, blues bands, 14 kinds of microbrew on tap, & of course pool tables, w/ harley night on saturdays,,,,,
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Hey Mossy, I just recieved a PM that what I said about your wife was inappropiate. Please, both of you, forgive me. It was meant as a complament. I sure didn't mean it any other way. redface.gif Gol darn it, why don't I just keep my mouth shut? icon_confused.gif Again, sorry. Terry
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It was a total of 10 butts. Good lord I am in hog heaven !!! her purchase will keep the thin smoke and the alchohol flowing.....

PITA is a bad word around my house..... rather known as The Anti's. MMmmm, margarita's and pulled pork, Hhmmm I am thinkin.... this weekends meal is for the mother in law and sister in law traveling to see us..... might as well get them sauced as well !!!
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lmao mossy- not peta... p.i.t.a.- as in, pain in the... oops- same people- but this is the cat...big male whiner.....
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Sorry about that, I very much DISLIKE the PETA organization and got flustered. (I think I will chain myself to mysmoker until they bring some dead animals to smoke !!!)
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i personally dislike any good meaning organization that has bowed down to fanatacism & celebrity influence... unless of course it's ted's spirit of the wild or back when charleton heston was pres of the n.r.a. (but thats just me) i believe broccoli has rights... to be smothered in butter or cheese sauce.i also believe a tree is made for constructing a shelter for a family, a good deer stand, wood for heating said meat(killed righteously), heating said family, & pages for educating our children... not to mention a good wipe across the rump for ones'self... oops but i digress....
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Hey could you PM that recipe?
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Debi –
8-9 butts…. Isn’t more butts in the kitchen better!!

Terry -
Sister… oh my night and day that is for sure!! Cloning… hmm… Mossy hasn’t told you about the bad side, has he??

Bigger freezer = larger smoke = more hunting = more smoking = more time together. Are you feeling the love…. Heck no, pass me a beer please! J

Terry –
Margarita machine - I would like a strawberry banana one please!! And as far as being out of line…. Does someone need a little smoke cheese (not store bought) with their wine!!! Holy crap… you are talking to a farm/ranch girl pretty much tough as nails… bring it on!!! LOL!!! Keep on talking, I thought it was great. If I thought, or Mossy thought you were out of line, you would hear from us first. Keep it up, don’t back down and be yourself.

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