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hello all

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My name is Allen and I'm a smoker. I first realized I had a problem while growing up in my small West Texas town. At first it was just burgers, dogs, and steaks on my dad's 'value edition' char-broil grill. I was soon introduced to charcoal, and then to wood. About the time I entered high school, my dad and I built an 8' smoker on a single axle trailer and at that point I knew there was no turning back.. I have been in the Dallas area for 11 years now. Although apartment living forced me into propane for quite awhile, I am happy to say that I am now back in the saddle! After a somewhat significant amount of research, I decided on the Char-Griller DUO as my stepping stone back into the wonderful world of smoke. It has been a member of the family for a little over a month now and at this point I have no complaints. (before you ask... NO SFB at this time)

I've been reading through the website for a couple of months now and must admit that I am quite impressed with the level of friendliness, knowledge, and overall content of the Smoking-Meat community. I am glad to have found you guys (thank you GOOGLE) and look forward to becoming more of an interactive member.
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Welcome to SMF! Glad you came aboard!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Wait a minute...smoking is a problem? WHY DIDN'T ANYBODY TELL ME?!?!?!

Welcome to the forums. Smoke lots, take pictures and ask lots of questions.
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Welcome Allen, I'm glad you decided to join us and get back into the wunnerful whirled of smokin'! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Don't be afraid to ask what you don't know and share what you do... plus, we like pics (commonly referred to as "Q-View").

Have fun!
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Welcome to the forum. We're glad you're here!
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Well glad you made it to the SMF. You know this is not rehab for smokers, it's more like a support group for those who love the taste of Q.
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Welcome to SMF,and hello from Canada .
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Welcome Alan -

The only problem I know of with smoking is I can smoke faster than everyone can eat!
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Welcome to SMFicon_exclaim.gif

& I can't smoke enough to keep me happyicon_lol.gif
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Welcome Alan, and what was that small west Texas town?? I grew up in Sweetwater...
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Colorado City, TX.. just a spec on the map
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Man we're practically neighbors!!! I think I still have a MIP warrant from there :) Took a road trip from Snyder to buy beer for a party one night, got pulled over leaving the store and turns out none of us was of age. We all got MIP's on the spot. Never went back :)

For those of you frowning. Life in west Texas back in the 80's was just like the movie "Varsity Blues". I was very much the "Tweeder" character.
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