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New member in Columbia, MD, question about smoke rings

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Greetings! Just found this site and posted a question about smoking a sirloin tip. I've only a few years of experience, starting with a water smoker and graduating to a small Barbeque Galore model with a firebox. I generally use lump charcoal with a few wood chunks thrown in. Sometimes I get a nice smoke ring, other times nothing. Was wondering what's the secret? Tastes good just the same, but I am curious about this. The thing I like about moving to the larger smoker is that I think I had a creosote problem with the smaller one on occasion. The new one is much easier to control temperature. Anyway looks like a great site and I'm looking forward to exploring more!
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Welcome to the SMF, sounds as if the smokin' bug bit you sometime ago. Well this is the place to ask questions, plenty of help available. Watch out for that creosote, it not a good thing...
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Welcome aboard glad you joined us, do have have a picture of that smoker you could show us.
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I can try this weekend, MSmith, I'm away for a few days. It's basically a backyard version of a full-sized smoker, too small to take just wood, hence the charcoal. I probably can't do better than the pic on their website, at Nice unit, and I am not affiliated with them, just like the product. Hope that helps.
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Welcome aboard the mighty SMF toxicgolfer, glad you found us!

That's a nice smoker you have there... can't wait to see what it produces!
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Hey Toxicgolfer,

Here is a link to an article that explains the "smoke ring"

Oh BTW, Welcome to SMF!

Take care, have fun, and do good!,


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Wow. That was heavy. Need to let my brain rest for a while.
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Welcome to SMFicon_exclaim.gif
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Thanks to all for the warm welcome. I can see there is much to learn from you all. I appreciate the reference to the smoke ring article. So humidity is a key! I'll try it this weekend with a turkey breast and maybe spare ribs.
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i've been samoking a long time & w/out all that science crap bogging me down i'll try to help short & sweet.
1. let yer meat get to room temp before smoking it or marinade @ room temp for a couple or few hrs(not advised for poultry).
2. pour the smoke to it until it hits 140f or basically the first 2 hrs-more if it's a larger cut of meat- i.e. pork shoulder.
3. it's all about the taste,texture,& the thin blue....smoke rings are purty & i'd never turn in food for a contest w/out 1- just for presentation,but if it doesn't happen and it still tastes great- the "fans" will be none the wiser. p.s. add a water pan next to the firebox-that do help.
just my 2 cents.
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Thanks, gypseyagod, I think my inconsistent results are due to not enough smoke. I use lump charcoal with wood chunks but maybe I dont add wood often enough. Also stopped soaking the chunks because I think in my previous water smoker, the incomplete combustion was creating an occasional creosote problem. Guess that made me a bit cautious. Since moving to a larger smoker with a firebox, no creosote but I'm still using dry wood w/ the charcoal, and maybe not adding wood to the charcoal as often as I could. So I'll try soaked wood again and add a water pan to increase humidity. Can hardly wait PDT_Armataz_01_14.gif!! But you're right, the stuff still tastes great. Thanks again.
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Hey toxicgolfer, nice to have you join us. How often do you replentish your wood? With hockey puck sized chunks I'm adding wood about every hour till I foil the meat.
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