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good eats

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Saturday I grilled about 40 lbs of ribeyes for our company picnic. Cant beat a deal like that . Free ribeye steak and fixins. All I gotta do is cook for an hour and a half. Surprisin how much adult beverages you can drink during that time. Then on Sunday I fired up the smoker for beef backribs and pork backribs. Of course fatties and ABT s to keep me from starvin to death in the meantime . Sautee some fresh green beans, warm up some good bread and thats good eats.

Just picked about 30 lbs of tomatoes so I guess Ill be puttin up tomatoes tomorrow. Life is good.
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Sounds yummy to me!!!
drool drool
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Hey Smoke Freak, I have family in McPherson. Small world!

If you are looking for the Norman Rockwell small town, McPherson is it. Charm up and down the streets. I love it there!
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