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Temp Gauge For SNP

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I have a SNP professional and It has a hole for the gauge but no gauge I saw post on here where someone bought a gauge and recommended it but the hole approx, 1/2" instead of 3/8"

does someone have a suggestion or don't I really need a gauge for the smoker it's self????
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if you have an academy store local, they have a thermo that fits into a 1/2" hole. i think wal-mart has them too, along with lowes and home depot. check e-bay. there is a guy on there, westhardwarecompany, that sells a few different thermo. he is about 45 minutes from me. he sells them for about what i can get them local for, plus shipping.
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WalMart had some as did Lowes and Home Depot. It's nice to have a good idea what the smokers doing as well as the meat. Heat spikes or drops can be a real PITA if your not watching for them.
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