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My First 321

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I decided to smoke some spare ribs yesterday using the 3-2-1 method and my MES. Bought 3 slabs and rubbed them down with Emril's Rib Rub. After 3 hours, I foiled them and poured in some apple juice; after the 2 hours, I unfoiled and slapped on some of Jeff's BBQ sauce and then let them firm up for 45 min. They turned out great and were literally falling off the bones. My parents were greatly impressed and my wife, who normally doesn't eat ribs, loved them as well.

Oh...and can't forget the Q-view.

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Well done!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Looking good kevin!
It's so rewarding when the family loves your efforts. icon_mrgreen.gif
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Very good lookin' grub!! Congrats on a great smoke!
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Way to go Kevin!!! Have you ordered TulsaJeffs' Nekid Rib Rub yet?? Since I've been using Jeff's rub I haven't sauced my ribs. I'll have sauce available and folks can sauce 'em as they see fit. Once they've tried the ribs nekid, they usually don't use any sauce.
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The ribs look great Kevin, Congrats !!!
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looks great

they look great haven't tried the 3-2-1 yet because i am a newbie but I going to gey some baby backs or i do have some spare ribs tips in the freezer I think I will give them a try. good luck and good smoking
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they look goooooddd!!

I'm gonna try the 3-2-1 method soon..
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MMMmmmm Well done looks tasty
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