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Eye of Round

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Jr Smoker here, been smoking for about a year now and I am going to try my first eye round tomorrow.. I plan on cooking at 225, wondering on how long do you think 2, 3-4 lbs hunks of eye round will need to cook for?


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Here comes a silly answer. They will cook until they are done. Use a good thermo. I have done eyes, and without digging out an old cook log, I would say about 3 hours at that cooking temp.

Hope this helps.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Rare 1 to 2 120° - 125°
medimun 2 to3.5 130° F to 140° F
Well 3.5 to 4 160° F
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Thanks for the quick reply.. Now I know when I need to put them on to have them done at a certain time..
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The meat will determine how long it takes, every piece is different. Wish I could give you a better answer
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Seaham don't really go by the time factor, I'm sure that'll just be kinda ball park. You really should go by the temp.
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I will be checking the temp, the time is to give me an idea on how long it may take so I know when to put it on so it will /should be done when I want it.
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Times are just rough estimates the temperature is what really matters!
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