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I just read your post and yes I agree that they should test better. I am glad to hear that the same changes resulted in the same temp change.PDT_Armataz_01_21.gif
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not sure it would be good w/ actual "fire" under it- but have ya ever thought of bowling up a pizza pan w/ holes- i've used the cheapies in old smokeys for a coal pan- just never thought of using 1 of those non stick pans- i hear bad things about gases they let off over 500 degrees(w/ live fire on it it's over 500)- just a thought
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I was going to question how many coals you had in the pan and how you lite them? I had one friend light them like you would on a regular grill, lighter fluid all over and whooosh!! I have a GOSM vertical and the charcoal pan is on the bottom, near the vents. There are six slide in racks. The first one from the bottom is where my water pan goes. When I am looking for more heat, I switch to playbox sand. You may also want to go with luke warm water over cold. Living in Florida we have tons of humidity and water in the pan is not really necessary. We just do alittle spritzing on the way to keep things moist.
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The water pan also prevents flare ups when the grease hits the hot coals or wood and helps keep the temperature down to around 225 to 250
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Bigarms... I'm not gunna lie... alot of things you say aren't funny... the end
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And for that, I am truely sorry. You have woke me up. I have meant to bring smiles, not the gritting of teeth. Please, all who I have offended, forgive me. It stops NOW! Terry
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I'm glad to have found this thread.. Great information! Thanks everyone!
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Whether it is true or not true, are saying things like this really necessary?icon_redface.gif
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Did I miss something? What was said that was "not funny" or offensive????? eek.gif

BigArms, ya know, you don't have to apologize just because someone else thinks you ought to...not that its not nice and Apologize when you're wrong; be polite but firm when you're right.
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I did not take offense so no problems here.biggrin.gif

I modified my smoker last night with stand-offs on the bottom of the smoker to give me the clearance I wanted between the water and charcoal. I will post pics later.

Plan on smoking something the weekend.
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Again, I thank Terry
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My little thoughts on your problem, and i did not see this stated as i flew thru the responses, but the big pans should be on the bottom and smaller on top this way heat has more space between the smaller water pan and the sides to flow upward. Hope this helps a little
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baero - Glad you found the problem! Now enjoy those smokes!

Terry - HUGS!

Jeff and Abby - Thanks!

skinner - frown.gif ??? eek.gif
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And to ALL of you, my gratitude and thanks! icon_smile.gif Terry
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