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Today is the day! First smoke

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Well! i have been waiting for this day all week.I will be smoking a 4 pound pork shoulder.I will take some pics as the day goes by.Here is my first pic! I applied the yellow mustard and a pork rub.Since this is my first time i didnt make my own Rub its store bought and called (McCormick Grill Mates).
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Good luck, looks like you are off to a good start...
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Looks like your off to a good start!! We'll be waiting for the updates PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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i am looking forward to hear how it works out
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Good luck and keep us posted.
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Looks great. I've used that rub and fo a commercial rub it is pretty tasty. I think you will enjoy it! Good luck.
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Looks great, what temp are you taking it to
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Ok! 1 pm smoker is heated with smoke just put in the meat.Its a 3.5 lb shoulder so id say dinner may be abit late but who cares.How often should i check the meats temp?Heres a few pics.I dont really know exact temp in the smoker!they say its designed to operate at about 225.I have the el cheapo meter and you can see it in one of the pics.Pics taken at 1pm.I put a small handfull of soaked hic wood chips in foil and wraped it up then punched holes into it.Smoking pretty good!Will this last thru the whole cooking? maybe 6 hrs
3:30 Update! made my first temp check of the pork!its about 140.Not sure if this is normal after 2.5 hrs.Water is not boiling!guess cooker cant be too hot!i may need to find a way to get it hotter in the future,Its still smoking but not as much as before!may need to add fresh chips.
5 pm update! Temp is now around 165 Here is a new pic!Man! am i getting hungry!It smells and looks so yummy.
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The water in the pan doesn't need to be boiling. It is heating it and the steam and evaporation will help keep the meat moist.

You will need to add chips through the smoke, when you stop smelling the smoke it will be time to add more. How often depends on the temp of the smoker.

One of my suggestion would be to invest in a dual probe remote thermometer (Maverick makes a nice one although there are other good brands). That way you can see the temp of the smoker and the meat without opening the lid and letting the temp drop and extending the cooking time.
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Thanks Ron! So would you say 140 is ok at this time? according to temp chart pork should be ready at about 190.I will definately get a dual probe!where can you buy?walmart??
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I think you are fine. Be aware that a pork shoulder can hit a plateau in temp and stall for several hours, so if that happens it's perfectly normal. Just be patient, have a beer or 3 and eventually the temp will rise again.

If you are going to have pulled pork, I would take the temperature up to 195-205, then foil it if you haven't already done so, wrap it in 2 thick towels, put it in an unused cooler for an hour or two and then enjoy!
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Forgot about the thermometer.

I bought mine online at amazon I think, about 38-40 dollars.
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I don't know if Walmart has the dual probes, but I know that Bed Bath and Beyond does, as does Lowe's.
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check post #8 for updates
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Well! I would have to say my first smoke did very well!Sorry no more pics of the smoked pork!its over half gone (very hungry people).Did not get it up to 195 for pulled pork so settled for having it sliced.Verry yummy and well worth the wait.I will need to think of something for next weekend.
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Looks good Stanley. Feels good too huh?
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Congrats on the first smoke, I just did mine on thursday and I cannot wait for the next!
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Congrats on your success. Consider next time taking it the extra time and pulling it.

Add some of SoFlaQuer's finishing sauce and maybe top it with Jeff's Goodness Gracious BBQ sauce and you won;t be dissapointed!
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