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Venison Summer Sausage Smoking Question..

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Hi. I plan on making some venison summer sausage and bought Uncle Abe's vension summer sausage kit from The Sausage Maker. The directions on the box indicate placing the sausage in a smoker at 100 deg F until the internal temp. reaches 70-80 deg. Then the temp. is raised to 130 deg. F and held until the internal temp. is 110 deg. F. Smoke in then applied to acheive a nice brown color and temp is maintained at 160 deg. F until internal temp is 152 deg. F. The sausage is then pulled and a cold water bath is applied until the internal temp. is 120 deg. F.

I found instructions on another site that says I should smoke at 140F for 2 hours; raise temperature to 160F for 2 hours, and finish product at 170F until internal temperature reaches 155, then pull and apply a cold bath.

My question is, what is the method most commenly used which gives good results? My MES doesn't hold a temp. as low as 100F as indicated in the first set of directions, so I'm not sure if that's the way to go. Any advice is appreciated.
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heat smoker to 120-130 add smoke and cook for 3-4 hrs then raise temp to165 and cookuntill the intern temp is 152. then cool in cold water till 120 deg and place in fridge for at least 24 hrs.

theres some Q & A here:
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Here is how I smoke and cook my summer sausage. Apply smoke for approximately 3hrs at 110 degrees and finish cooking in a 200 degree oven until internal temp reaches 158-160 degrees. Immediately move into a snow bank (pending location and weather) to cool – or rinse under cool water and soak in a tub of cold water and ice. I switch to the oven because when sausage making starts for us the smoker will run non-stop for 3 to 4 days with may loads of venison two weekends a winter. Is there such a thing as too much sausage?
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too much sausage? only when you run out of places to keep itPDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
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LOL !!! 2 freezers with our fridges, a huge chest, a medium chest and a large upright !!!
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Thanks for the info. One more question....should I add the liquid smoke that came with the kit even though I'm smoking or would I get better results not using the liquid smoke?
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you shure can, check out the Q and A link to "the sausage maker site"
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you sausage on a grander scale then i do, i only make around 50-75 lbs in the winter after the deer hunting is over.

do you use a meat mixer? mine only holds 17lbs at a time. i got a pic of it here somewhere.
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I do not have a meat mixer, Just do it by hand, but dang that gets cold !!! We have been interested in getting a meat mixer but have heard mixed answers from people who own them. How do you like yours?

I have heard of putting a spackle mixer (for spraying drywall) on a drill in a 5 gallon bucket works well. I have a large drill press I have been thinking about using that idea and making it into to a meat mixer.....
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I love it, the only time i use my hands now is when i mix under 4 lbs of meat if it isnt already being used. Ive mixed a full 17 lbs in it and its not hard at all, i got this one from LEM for $99 it saves alot of work and cold fingers.
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Hey Chrish what the inside of that sausage mixer look like. I've thought about getting one my fingers always ache for a few days after mixing ice cold meat.

I got my grinder from LEM they have some nice stuff.
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here ya go deb, its been used alot (had to clean it out abit), the paddles do a good job at mixing in the spices.

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Sorry if we hijacked your thread hererolleyes.gif
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No prob., my question was answered early on icon_mrgreen.gif
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Thanks Chrish - that looks easy enough. Bet I can build one .... thinking .... thinking ...icon_mrgreen.gif
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I would love to raid your freezers PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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