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Friday Smoke--Butt!

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I took a well deserved day off today and I decided to smoke a Butt. This would be my 2nd go around and the first time was fun and successfull. With several ribs, a few chickens and one brisket under my belt I think I'm getting the hang of my ecb electric style smoker.

I think this butt is around 6 or 7 lbs and I got it at costco. Rub it last night and put it on the smoker at 630 am here in Denver. It's going to be a warm one today and the sun is already hitting my smoker. The max temp on this thing is 250* but the thermometer I have on the inside reads close to 300*!!!. Nothing I can do about it I guess. I have probably used up 4 foil packs of hickory chips so far as they're burning up quick. I don't think I had enough smoke last time. My plan is to smoke until 175*, wrap in foil and I think I will place this in my oven at 225/230* to finish it at 200/205*. More efficient that way as I blow my circuit everytime I turn on the ac & tv. LOL. Anyways here are some pics. Thanks for the help, this is a great place to surf and hang out.

Here is a view after a 3.5 hours or so (first time I looked) and spritzed with rum, apple juice, a little of peanut oil.

My temp has stalled at 159* for anout 1.5 hours or so. Here are some pics about 7 hours in....

Ok this butt came out perfect. My best smoke to date. Took a long time though. Total cook time was 630am to 8pm. Rested for 2 hours with the damp towel trick. Finished with Jeff's finishing sauce. Here are the finished results:

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I got off work early today, so I'm about to head to Sam's to see what I can find. I'm breaking in the Char Griller this weekend. Hopefully they'll have some decent briskets. I might do a butt or two and some ribs.
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Lookin' good! Keep the Q-View coming!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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I'm kicking myself for not having a fatty to smoke!! Oh well.
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Looks good therePDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

remember opening a smoker will give you a 10-15 min set back but when your stuck in a spot as in your case you could use it to your advantage to keep the meat from cooking to fast, open it once or twice per hour for a min or two (take a few pics) and close it up again.
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The temp finally moved and it's now at 162*. However, rain is threatening as we speak, so I had to wrap earlier than planned and it's now in the oven to finish. I think it will turn out fine. Was really happy with my bark this time around as I only spritzed 3 times so I wasn't opening the lid every hour which helped. Will post some final pics when I reach 200*. Thanks.
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Looks good Mark! Don't forget the fattys next time!
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I have two friends that bought that Electric Brinkman. They stated no temp gauge or control for the electric. PDT_Armataz_01_09.gif So you are saying normal high temp for this smoker is around 250* depending on ambient conditions ??
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Looks great. Excellent pics. Thanks for sharing.
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Yeah the instructions state temps will go up to 250* I've had smokes that hang around 225* but I think the main reason why, I was opening up the lid every hour to spray. Now I let it sit and only throw in my wood every hour through the little door. Then maybe spritz after 3 hours (same with ribs). I've smoked on hotter days than today but my oven thermometer on the middle rack above the water pan was right at 300*. Not sure what it was on the top rack where the Butt was but I would assume there wouldn't be too much of a variance.

The only annoying thing right now is my butt has been in the oven wrapped since 3pm 162* and it is only at 177*. I would like to go to 200* so it looks like I will be eating out. I started this at 630 am; this will go over 12 hours at least. This is normal right? I have my maverick probe inserted fine. Patience. I need beer. Thanks for the comments.

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updated with finished pics.
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As I've said before, nice butt!
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Totally normal, most of my butts have taken right around 12-14 hours. I've done several in the smoker for the first 8 or so hours, and finished in the oven for a few hours more. Then into the cooler wrapped in towels and foil. They've turned out did your's by the looks of the qview!
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Mark when you open to spray just lift the lid straight up - just enough to spray. Don't turn the lid over - it will hold most of the heat in.
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