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"I see some late nights ahead for me.. installing, tweaking, testing, etc"

Jeff, you know you love it. Especially when it's done and working like everyother part on this site.
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Alright.. the first part of the install is complete and the gallery should be completely usable.

I have yet to completely integrate it with the front page of the forum but I figured there was no reason why you guys couldn't go ahead and start trying to use it while I figure out the rest of this integration process.

I need to know about any and all bugs, problems, error messages anyone receives.. just post them here and I will work them out one at a time.

You should have complete access to upload 250k pictures of any size (it resizes automatically) and create albums for different things as you see fit.

The guests will have to register to use this wunnerful tool.. sorry.

One other very important thing... you might want to turn off the left sidebar to get a better view. To do this you simply click on the Quick Links menu item at the top of the page and click on "Sidebar Off".

Anyway.. the link to check it out at this stage is:

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what if my pics from cam to comp are like 1.something mb- also ican't seem to get vista to read .mov files( my cam does .mov vids)- i have so lost technology over the last 2 years-i went from a programmer to can't even figger out my dvd player.....
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p.as. - i'll try it though- ok how do i add an album or photos ?n/m i figuredit out but my pics are still to big. i gotta get up w/ my camera people cause my basic upload per pic from the camera to vista is around 1.8mb & thats just insane.- good thing i got a new super puter cause i'd have crashed a 3 yr old 1 w/ anything less than vista.
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I haven't learned everything about it yet but it should resize all pics down to limits automatically.

Click on My Photos at top left to create an album..

Click on Upload Photos in top right hand corner to upload pics using the Browse button.

You can name it and give it a description right there if you like.
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i got all that part- it's just from my cam to the comp i can't get them small enough-(it's vista) it won't let me rezize down(1.2 to 1.8 mb per pic) even enough for that program- but i'll "git-er-dun"... i'll get it when i don't have daddy duty for a couple days.
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Maybe I am misunderstanding but I think if you upload a 1.2 mb image it will accept it and then resize it down to 800x600 and set it to 75% compression which will bring it under 250k automatically.

I need to verify this but that is how I understand it and I have had no problems with it working for me.

It does see me as the admin so it is not going to place the same type of limits as it would a registered user.

This is where you guys come in.. try to upload a large image and let me know how it reacts.

Should be interesting.
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jeff- here's the pic i tried posting- it says exceeds the size limit( limit of 700,000 ish kb) http://s178.photobucket.com/albums/w247/gypsyseagod/new%20for%20the%20contest/?action=view&current=todaysfeast013.jpg
thats the photobucket(217kb)size. the original off my docs is 747 kb- it should work... but like i said- vista.... and if ya try doing it straight from the photobucket- it only posts the link to the photobucket site
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ok i looked it over- maxfile upload size allowed is 250 kb- i didn't see a compression or resize tool. thats why it won't work- the user needs to resize to under 250 kb(per pic) before uploading. size of the album is unlimited but my 1st pic was 750,658kb... no wonder,
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I tried to upload from my PC and got this error message, Error creating thumbnail! Error code: 1


"/usr/bin/mogrify" +profile "*" -size 100x75 -quality 70 -geometry 100x75 -unsharp 10 '/home/admin/domains/smokingmeatforums.com/public_html/photopost/data/500/thumbs/TriTopDone.jpg'
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My error message

Error creating thumbnail! Error code: 1


"/usr/bin/mogrify" +profile "*" -size 100x94 -quality 70 -geometry 100x94 -unsharp 10 '/home/admin/domains/smokingmeatforums.com/public_html/photopost/data/500/thumbs/plated.jpg'

Thanks for doing this for us!

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After I created an album, the above error message went away. I uploaded an image I had previously resized without problem. When I went to upload an un-resized image (1,301 KB) I got a message that PICT4161.JPG (exceeds filesize limit)

Hope this helps you trouble shoot the software.

Thanks for all you do!

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Will we be able to use [IMG] code such as imageshack generates like
[IMG] http://img337.imageshack.us/img337/861/platedzu8.jpg [/IMG] ??

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Ok... I turned off the size limitation since it should not be needed. I have it set to resize all images to 800x600 and 70% compression. If they are already smaller than that then it will leave them alone.

It will automatically create a thumbnail, a medium (640x480) and a large file size (800x600) for viewing at different sizes.

It shoud also now be showing the link code below the image.. use direct link with the <img> bbcode tag for linking within the forum.

I am working on getting it to link to thumbnails instead of the medium size photo and should have that working shortly.

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I was able to upload an un-resized photo without problems.


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In order to use the code generated by the photo gallery I had to modify the code by wrapping it in [img] link [/img].

The code <img src="http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/photopost/data/503/medium/PICT4162.JPG" /> did not work as generated.

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me too

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i got it workin' now. thanx jeff. PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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I don't have a clue how to use this program icon_frown.gif this is the message I got:

Error creating thumbnail! Error code: 1


"/usr/bin/mogrify" +profile "*" -size 75x100 -quality 70 -geometry 75x100 -unsharp 10 '/home/admin/domains/smokingmeatforums.com/public_html/photopost/data/500/thumbs/DSCF2844
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This is the msg I got when trying to upload an already under size pic.

Error creating thumbnail! Error code: 1


"/usr/bin/mogrify" +profile "*" -size 100x66 -quality 70 -geometry 100x66 -unsharp 10 '/home/admin/domains/smokingmeatforums.com/public_html/photopost/data/500/thumbs/IMG_3851_copya_Medium_.jpg'
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