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I redid it all with the yellow tape the other night. Got er done in no time.

Will be doing a turkey, ribs, abts, and a fatty this weekend.
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I used pipe dope, same as KennyMN.
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I've never known gas to eat the white teflon thread tape either, used it on all pipes for ages now, never seen a gas pipe leak with it on there.
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I just got e-mail about this subject from a friend who just retired from the So. Cal. Gas Co. He started at the bottom, and has plenty of experience with gas fittings. This was his main reply "As far as I can remember, the white Teflon tape won't eat away or affect the fittings that you put it on, another words it's safe. It's been fine on all my fittings that I have LP connected to as well as water and natural gas. Yellow anything, pipe, fittings or marking in the streets, is just a national standard to ID gas ( Natural or LP )". Thst's good enough for me on this subject. Next...
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A Huge Thank You to Cascadedad!

I can't thank you enough for posting the solution and the pix for the GOSM problem of "running too hot". It was driving me insane!!!

I've added the needle valve (and two thermometers to the side-wall) and It worked like a charm. I smoked ribs on Saturday for 6 hours and held a steady temp. throughout. TOTAL CONTROL!

Now I'm fired-up again about learning the art of smoking.

(And I get a kick out of watching my neighbors drool over the aroma floating in the air! )

Smoking is fun again.


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