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Got Mine

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Just got back from vacation, and there it sits on the back porch. An American Harvester 2400. To tired to try it out tonight so maybe tomorrow afternoon. Will probably sit here and read the directions, etc. tonight. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Read directions? TIM, have you gone insane?? icon_surprised.gif Terry
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Terry... LOL..May need to mod this thing...LOL
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They usually have recipe too!
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Deb...a 160 page book called: How To Dry Foods came with this thing as a special offer.
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What ever happened to Winging it.. and a prayer...
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I'm glad to hear that your product found its way home. I ordered mine on Autg.8th from Ikitchen.com and it hasn't even been shipped. They say to wait upto 14 days before contacting them about the shipment. They must know that I'm retired, with time to...
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ain't that a tractor????? and does it have ac & cd ???? PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif oops i was thinking international harvester...dang this heat..
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Dang it Gypsy, your thinkin of a "corn binder" at least, thats what they are called in Montana. And if you want AC, your just plain spoilt! wink.gif Terry
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don't want to offend anyone so i removed this
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don't know any spanish, so I don't know what your sayin. I tried to "chew" one time, got so dizzy that I almost fell out of the grader that we were "roading" home, I used to be young and stupid, I have now progressed to the point where I am just, stupid. (but thats progress) haha, icon_biggrin.gif Terry
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lmao terry-
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My first thought was, "A tractor? How do you smoke with a tractor?"

Then the light came on... icon_idea.gif

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Congratulations on your new dehydrator, Tim! You're gonna love it!
Don't rush anything, read the book, and take baby steps for a few runs and before you know it you will be stylin'!

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That was my thought Monty. I tend to screw things up when I rush. May try an apple or two. See how the grandkids like it. (WHAT????? Me taste it first????)
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We love ours,I use it mainly for making jerky.My daughter likes to do fruit.She done some kiwi the other day and they were really good,now she is doing raisins.
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Picked up some apples yesterday. Gonna get them ready here in a bit. Dehydrating is somewhat like smokin. Peel em..core em..pretreat em..into the dehydrator for about 6 hrs. Got the camera ready.
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Tim -

Got anything in that book that looks interesting?

My kids used to love Mango leather! It's real easy to make and lots of vitamins. Those fruit rollup things are pricey and you can make them for pennies. I love em too. A nice energy boost in the afternoon.

Another expensive product that you can make cheap - Sun dried tomatoes are easy too but take a few days.

Okay what's in the book? Huh, huh, what's in the book? icon_lol.gif
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Not really deb. Book is full of different things. But some recipes can be seen here. http://www.nesco.com/. Still need to read more of the book.
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Yogurt drops are pretty good. I posted them on my site a few days ago. And I have a recipe for Taco chips too. I may try smoking my next batch of chips.

Well have fun Tim there's tons of stuff you can do with that thing!
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